Motorola Droid Pro presale

Have a hankering for the Motorola Droid Pro on Verizon? It'll be available for presale on Nov. 9. Order between next Tuesday and Nov. 17, and you'll get your Droid Pro before launch day (they'll ship starting Nov. 10 and 11). And launch day, since you're asking, will be Nov. 18.

As for pricing? Eh, we're still waiting on that one, but chances are it'll be around the $199 point, right? We've got a little more detail about the presale after the break.

Motorola Droid Pro


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Motorola Droid Pro presale starts Nov. 9, launch day is Nov. 18


This is a much better way of handling new launches. I guess they learned from the X launch fiasco.

I wonder how this will effect the release of the HTC Merge. If Droid Pro is the "Iconic" phone will the Merge be cheaper? Will the Merge be delayed or fly under the radar? Thoughts?

God I hope the Merge is not delayed. I am ready and willing to use my Eris as a paperweight when it comes out. I still think that everything will still be in line for the Merge launch in Q4, Motorola probably just wanted to jump to get the market share over HTC.

Multiple blogs seem to think its a iPhone unveiling because it says "iconic device", not realizing its the Droid Pro. God, people are so close-minded sometimes, its ridiculous.