Motorola Bravo Update Delayed

A little bit of bad news for those of you with a Motorola Bravo -- looks like external testing for an update to Android 2.2 Froyo was about to begin (according to a post this week in Moto's support forums). But the screen shot we were just sent certainly makes it look like that update (or possibly a separate update) might have been delayed.

The Bravo, as you'll recall, is a mid-level device on AT&T (see our hands-on) announced last fall at CTIA. It's got a 3.7-inch WGVA touchscreen, 2GB of ROM, a 3MP camera and ye olde Motoblur.

If indeed it's the Froyo update that's been delayed, here's hoping for a speedy re-release. Submitted via the Android Central App


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Motorola Bravo's Froyo update delayed on the cusp of its release?


That message is definitely from the att web portal. You can see at the top of the message above where it says author "MyCSP" in blue. MyCSP is a website for att employees. Thanks again att. :(

this is how moto always starts off when they don't plan on issuing an upgrade. just ask the cliq xt owners. not that it really matters though as i doubt this phone sold very well. which is probably the reason it won' be upgraded.