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Monday Brief: The new iPad, Google Play, and Ashley makes a Maxim video


Between her Maxim video and her outfit in the Monday Brief, I ain't gonna be worth a damn for the rest of the day!!

"Attractive" is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, what makes someone attractive is not always looks. She is good looking, in my opinion, however, it's more the attitude she possesses and the sarcastic disposition she displays. Your opinion doesn't apply to the entire population, dude.

She may not be attractive in your eyes, but she has boobies!

I've noticed her appearances becoming more and more... revealing, she's definitely going after the geek in all of us.

All in favor of Boobies, say, AYE!

She's kinda looks like Quintin Terrantino with horribly fake breast implants.... But I guess anything starts to look good when your 35 and reside in moms basement.

LOL@ bewbies... I give this tubecast another 6 months before they are desperate enough for viewers to just have her do it topless...

Lol first she married. (I think lol) Second looks are not everything. Yes she's pretty but I don't find myself going crazy for her. To each there own. Ill be happy for her in that she is growing and expanding her career. Congrats on that.

I'm actually pretty curious how much her view's go up with this video vs the last couple of weeks. I know she mentioned once before that the views are obviously higher when cleavage is present.

This is the geekiest website it can get and we somehow get a fresh morning cleavage YET some of you guys complain... I don't get it.
Hail to the boobies indeed.

Really? This site is the geekiest it can get? Come on, just in the Smartphone space there is xda-developers; yes they have a podcast and no they don't show bewbies to get clicks. Oh and that's not even the geekiest it gets; comes to mind as one step closer to the abyss of pure smartphone geekification...

People who are saying she is not attractive are clearly not strait men. Of course looks are not everything but we do not know her personally and she is not there for that purpose. If the point of her being here was not sex appeal then she would not have her breasts showing each week. She is there for our eye candy and no I am not 35 and in my moms basement I am happily married to a very attractive woman. But honestly would you really pay attention to the video each week if it was some fat dude. You wouldnt even glance.

OK, so whoever said Ash isnt attractive...if I knew you, you'd be dead to me.

#1 How many times can I vote for her on the Maxim site?
#2 When cloning is valid, can I clone you Ashley?

Already Submitted my Vote, Ashley!

LMAO@ people saying she`s not attractive... just because you`re mad at the fact that YOU DON'T HAVE a cool girlfriend or wife like her who has the same technology love as you do doesn't mean you have to come here and vent your anger by saying all kinds of bad things about her... why don`t you just get off that chauvinistic horse of yours and actually support her, you know in some deep corners of your mind you want to.

1. I find my cleavage pretty modest this week, especially considering I bought that shirt at Target and not Victoria's Secret. I'm always amazed at how prudish some of the internet can be. If anyone out there thinks my wardrobe is some crazy conspiracy, well, you can read this: 2. As for not being pretty, that's your valued opinion. And I won't argue with it. Because it's an opinion. 3. Show me any other girl on the internet who writes, hosts, and self-produces videos (including post-production) AND can talk intelligently about mobile technology. Then we can have a conversation about who should be hosing this show. And for the love of god, don't point at iJustine. She is not a good example. 4. Those things are 100% real. I just know how to buy clothes to make them look nice. 5. There are clearly some people who take their internet VERY seriously. I know the internet is SRS BZNS to you, angry denizen, but some of us like to have fun!

Hahaha, Exactly what I was saying on my previews comment.... Angry FEAs mad at the world, In my opinion you shouldn't haven even bothered to reply to all the bullshit written here.... most of us are smart enough to figure out what's going on with the negative comments, trust me on that.... just keep doing a great job like you always do and you have our support 100%.... and No, I am not all of you are thinking... I am a married man and my wife is very attractive, though I`m not gonna lie and go ahead and say I wish she shared the same technology love you do, Ashley.. lol!

Why so defensive? You even went so far as to post a blog about this? If you really didn't "give a fuck", you wouldn't even bother responding to it.

Oh, the "if you didn't care at all, you would do absolutely nothing" argument. One of my all-time favorites!

Do you think I wrote that for my detractors? No. I wrote it to entertain my fans. 

Obviously, you're so far removed from my headspace the entire point of that post went shooting over your head like a Reading Rainbow. Lavar Burton would be ashamed, sir! Ashamed!

Such indifference! I'll bet he went through 15 nerd rage replies before finally settling for the "bored cat" approach here! Wow! I'm certainly impressed! I'll bet his mom gave him an extra manwich after he told her how he told off that cleavagy bimbo on the interwebz! :D

If you're cool with objectifying yourself for clicks than I'm cool with it. I just hope you're honest with yourself and realize that a lot of the garnered attention is the breasts not the content. I honestly don't see anything wrong with manipulating human nature to your benefit I only have issues when individuals who become offended for being objectified after they have been using it to their benefit for so long.

In some cases I can see it being perceived as over compensating for weak content. Like when a company goes bananas over advertising a specific product and your first thought is "What's wrong with the product and why they are pushing so hard to get rid of it?". But in terms of add revenue on a geek site it makes perfect business sense.

Anyways, I hope you don't take any of the negative comments about your looks personally. It's the internets after all people will say anything under the guise of anonymity.

Ashley, I understand and we all know sex sells. There are many geeks out there in the mobile world and they only have two things on the minds and that is sex and technology. (not even food) When you combine them, that is what gets high views on Youtube. But my thing is though, most of the comments on the Mobile Nation websites are about your dress (and other things) and not about the actual content of the video, which takes away from the main message. They should be discussing about this week's mobile technology and not debating if 'those are real'. As a man, I say go for it but as a publicist and PR professional, I would recommend toning it down a bit because your outfits are diluting the message. No offense.

Isn't the goal of this site to generate hits to increase ad revenue? The point of the video might not be as content-oriented as you think. The content being discussed allows it to be "relevant" but the goal is (or should be if they're smart) to get a good-looking chick on the site to generate hits. She's doing it the right way no matter how you look at it.

Well lady am a great fan of urs.....the thing u do for tech & how u do it is nothing less than great..everything is superb about it....but....from ur explanation on geek evolution I cud only make out one simple thing....for me summary comes out to be....
"Heyy I dont try to act like a slut....
I AM A SLUT...."
no was a lighter part....and I felt funny about it...
otherwise u r fabolous in everyway....

You guys are crazy. She is super hot and seems really cool. Without her I wouldn't even watch this video...New Ipad...who cares!

Oh my goodness. The commenting on this site has hit an all time low in this post. Usually, I enjoy the comments on AC articles but the majority of you commenting on this are truly pathetic. Have none of you ever had true interaction with a woman before? A lack of a woman's love (or even just attention) in your personal life is the ONLY possibility I can think of as to why any of you would be so worked up over this regardless of what "side" of the argument you are defending. Geez. Grow up. For the sake of us here that actually have healthy relationships with the opposite sex (plural because I'm referring to platonic as well), please go get laid for once and stop obsessing over something so stupid. Your double standards are weak. Each and every one of you probably has no issue seeing a woman look the way that Ashley does when the image is on a site like Maxim directly. However, your own anger that you can't have "the hot geek girl with the amazing body from the internet" for yourself as well as the jealousy of knowing that someone in real life probably already does just further takes away from any credibility that you think you might have.

Speaking from experience then? It could be said that anyone with enough time to come onto this site and berate others for their comments could stand to get laid themselves.

You are one sad individual, Camatose66... take the advice of the comment you replied to and go get laid... wait... I don`t think you can, judging from your replies on this article.

lol as I stated on my previews comment... I have a girl and she`s actually very attractive... hell, she`s above Ashley`s pay grade when it comes to that, I just wish she had half the thechnological knowledge Ashley does.... lol! All I can say is don`t give up man!! there are actually girls out there who have very low standards so you might have a chance after all!! :D

I see what he did there, he called a stranger he's never met before a virgin because of a difference in opinion. He's either a professional internet comment psychologist (what does that profession pay these days?) or an immature internet bully who thinks calling people gay or a virgin the way to go in terms of insults. Clearly I'm a professional internet comment psychologist since I was able to come to such clear and concise conclusions based on a few comments from a person I've never met before.

Stop being a tool, it is what it is. It's sexual appeal for money. You either like it or you don't. Some people are going to think she's hot others are going to think she's meh. The world would be a boring place if everyone measured attractiveness the same way.

I never mentioned anything about being gay... hmmmmmm, I wonder where that part came from... lol! and I`m not a bully... I just think he`s trying too hard his sides are showing, besides bullies are not happy with themselves and I`m actually a pretty happy self accomplished person, heeheehee!

Typically those pathetic enough to insult ones sex life are also pathetic enough to insult their sexuality. You are narcissistic I'll give you that.

You look great this week babe!!! One fine ass woman!! And that Maxim video! Needs more close ups on you and less on the printer. It was almost fappable!!!

Ashley, sorry my gaze was uncontrollably drawn away from your captivating eyes for the majority of this post.

Lol, how is it that they flex and move as much as her mouth. You can almost lip read without seeing her lips.