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Asterisk says:

I can just watch it without sound. <_< >_>

I can watch it with one hand...

joeski27 says:

Seriously, have you ever in your life wanted to be a necklace robot charm as badly as you do now?

ScottJ says:

This is what happens with nerds who don't get laid often enough. Poor fellas.

wpavlik2 says:

Great show this week!

I can't believe how you are teasing the Vampire community by showing your neck like you are, though... ;) <-- See that, that's saying I'm JOKING...

I want to see the new Samsung and play with it, but I think I'm still going to buy the new Evo 4G LTE when my contract allows me to.
I loved how you referenced PalmOS 5.0 like it's ancient history. Sadly, in tech, it is, but I remember LOVING my PalmOS devices.

ScottJ says:

With the comments the girl gets each week, you'd think the nerds all have a device with HairyPalmOS on it.

jackinit says:

Thanks for the deep v-neck!

Thanks for the Monday Brief on Tuesday Ash! Guess that makes it the Tuesday Brief.

Always good to hear what is going on in the other mobile worlds.