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Monday Brief: The Galaxy S III Unveiled, BlackBerry World Conference, and more!


Great show this week!

I can't believe how you are teasing the Vampire community by showing your neck like you are, though... ;) <-- See that, that's saying I'm JOKING...

I want to see the new Samsung and play with it, but I think I'm still going to buy the new Evo 4G LTE when my contract allows me to.
I loved how you referenced PalmOS 5.0 like it's ancient history. Sadly, in tech, it is, but I remember LOVING my PalmOS devices.

With the comments the girl gets each week, you'd think the nerds all have a device with HairyPalmOS on it.

Thanks for the Monday Brief on Tuesday Ash! Guess that makes it the Tuesday Brief.

Always good to hear what is going on in the other mobile worlds.