With Mobile World Congress all wrapped up for us and Phil back on his way home we figured we ought to go back and highlight some of the device and news announcements made during that time. You can check out our day one roundup for the first section and anything after that can be found below:

You look back and catch up on all the Mobile World Congress posts you may have missed here. And remember, our events page highlights where we are going next. CTIA here we come.


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Mobile World Congress 2011 - Wrapping things up from Barcelona


Honestly HTC should've done better than this ! & they can , why didn't they ?
The incredible S was a letdown for me , I've always wanted GSM Droid Inedible , but this !!!
It managed to screw up the Desire HD , Droid Incredible & ThunderBolt for me
Thank God that they didn't name their Taplet a "prymrrd"
The salsa & chacha are more like cheap knock-offs (which is the oppesite of HTC's image)
The wildfire S is same old one accept it doesn't have a "trackpad"
but I gotta admit the Desire S looks cool , but that's not enough

Better luck in CTIA