Mobile Nations Fitness Month round up

The month may be over, but the Mobile Nations quest to use our phones and tablets, apps and accessories to get stronger, faster, and healthier continues!

February was fitness month at Mobile Nations, the month we sought to keep our new year's hopes and dreams of thinner waistlines and fitter bodies alive. Week after week we picked reasonable, attainable goals and strove to keep them -- eating less and better, moving farther and more frequently, lifting more than ever before.

From Android Central to, from iMore to WPCentral to webOS Nation, we checked out all the best ways to use our phones and tablets to improve our mobile lives, and all the top apps and accessories focused on our health and fitness.

And you did it right along with us in our Health and Fitness Forum!

So here we are, at the end of the month, having achieved tremendous successes, suffered occasional setbacks, but sticking together and seeing it through. And this is far from the end -- we're going to keep covering eHealth/iHealth and eFitness/iFitness year round. We're also going to focus on health and fitness again, and we're going to bring in some experts to help us bring you even better, more helpful coverage.

But for now it's time to enjoy a well deserved break. A cheat meal. A rest between sets. Take a seat, crack open a shake, and relax. Here's your Mobile Nations fitness month round up!

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Mobile Nations Fitness Month round-up!


Wow, now I wish I had followed the other mobile OS blogs a little more! The lack of Android fitness posts make me sad. It's ok though, I know it's really just cuz there was so much other important Android news... right?

true, even though im an avid android fan it would have been cool for AC to post links to a few of these other threads on other sites.

How many buff Android nerds do you know? LOL. GoogleLaw #1: Thou shalt not have the best mobile OS and six-pack abs at the same time. :D #kidding.