According to NetApplications, mobile web browsing is now responsible for 1.3% of all internet browsing. 1.3% may seem like an insignificant number but it's nothing to laugh at. In the beginning of 2009, we saw mobile browsing only at around .5% which means we've nearly doubled mobile browsing in a year. How did this happen? Well we can thank Android for one.

Android mobile browsing spiked an impressive +54.8% in December (when compared to the previous month). We're guessing that one little Droid has something to do with it and finally being on a big-time, very reliable carrier like Verizon doesn't hurt at all either. With more Android phones in the world now, we're sure that Android mobile browsing will continue to grow. After all, 2010 is the year of Android.

How much time do you guys spend browsing the web on your Android phone as opposed to your computer?

[via electronista]


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Mobile Browsing Increased in December, Android Led The Way


with Wifi connected their is less point to setup my laptop and browse when i can just use my droid's wifi connection.


Android grew 50% to a miniscule .05% while iPhone grew 20% to .40%. So yes, maybe it grew faster percentage wise, but in total numbers the iPhone grew more than Android.

(Numbers approximate, read the original article)