MLB At Bat 2013

The official MLB At Bat 2013 app has been updated in time for spring training with a new payment structure and several interface improvements. First up is the new payment methods, which in every case will save users money. The app is now free for download, with a $20 flat rate in-app purchase to get live gameday audio and premium features -- from Spring training all the way through the World Series. Previously, it was a paid download and then also a separate purchase for the premium features. If you're a premium subscriber, you can simply log in and receive all of the premium content and features as part of your package.

Having a basic log-in and one-time purchase method also means that you only pay once to get the content on all of your devices, which is a big plus to the model. On the interface side, the UI for phones is improved in several places, mainly in the individual team and news pages. There's a lot to get excited about with the MLB At Bat app this year, so if you're a baseball fan head to the Play Store link at the top of this post and grab a download.


Reader comments

MLB At Bat 2013 changes payment options, makes interface improvements


This is a great app for out of market folks like myself. 20 bucks is cheap to catch every radio broadcast of every game for the whole season.

The app is free, last year it was (I believe) $5.99. The subscription was $15 last year, this year it's $20.
So last year it was $20.99 to listen to games on your phone, now it's $20.
And it beats the crap out of the exclusivity garbage the NFL does.

MLB At Bat lite is free but hardly does anything without paying the $20.00. It's good for looking at schedules and game results but the ESPN app is just as good at it as well.

It's not as pretty as the MLB app with the old diamond vision graphics, but it gives you pitch counts and stats.

Plus you can set it to alert you at different times throughout the game.

Thanks, I will check it out. The CBS Sports app looks like it may do the trick too if it updates its GameTracker feature to include MLB. Right now it looks like it is only for some other sports.

Last year it was $15.00, year before that it was $10.00. As usual MLB is trying to squeeze every last penny out you. I love this app, but $20.00 is too much.

I'm going to be primarily using it to listen to my Chi-Sox and occasionally a Cubs game, which I can listen to locally for free. If they priced it at $10.00-$12.00 I would have bought it without hesitation.

It has been $14.99 for the last 2 seasons. If you paid for it last year, you don't have to pay for it again. I just logged in with my MLB account

I tried that - it still wanted me to pay $20 for this year.

Did you subscribe to any other MLB offerings last year, or just the At Bat App?

Yeah, but so what?
Less than a dog and a brew in any park, and you get every game all season. A bleacher seat in the nose bleed section of any park with a horrible team will still cost more than this.

You are either a fan or you are not interested. In the latter case you won't buy. If you never get more than 10 feet from your tv or radio and are only an occasional fan, you won't buy.

But baseball aficionados will pay. When you see what it can do its still pretty reasonable.

True it's cheaper than a typical ballgame. But I can listen to every Sox or Cubs game on local radio,and see every game on WGN or Comcast sports.

I think if I lived in another city or traveled a lot, I probably would of dropped the $130.00 on the MLB package in which I would already get this included.

Just because someone doesn't want to drop the $20.00 and fill MLB's already bloated coffers doesn't makes them any less of a fan.

I have seen a couple reviews pop up on this the last couple days. One thing to remember is your local games will get blacked out(video)on this.

You know, being a St. Louis Cardinal fan living in Denver....I think this may be a good deal for me. Granted, ESPN airs a lot of Cardinals games but if I can most of them on the Xbox or my phone without dealing with the blackouts, it's my best option.

UPDATE - just purchased it. Already go the app on my Nexus 4. Looking forward to testing the HD quality on the Xbox 360.

Best sports related app on the market. It amazes me how crappy ESPN's app is and Yahoo fantasy baseball is pretty crappy too... no landscape mode? What a joke.

I bought the total mlb.TV package last year... great deal for $125. You get every game, up to 4 games at once, can put your fantasy players in there so it lets you know when they're up... just a sweet deal all around. Unlike the NFL who only lets you get Sunday Ticket if you have Direct TV and it's still like $300 for 17 weeks

I moved to Android from BlackBerry in part for this app and the way I can use it on my GNote and Gnote 10.1 and N7 and watch a baseball game everywhere I am. I agree with those who say there is no better sports app available.

If you pay the 124 for the you can play on Roku or use this app for free to watch the game. I wish all tv was as easy to use.