Motorola Shadow

Let's all pause from the Froyo mania for a second and ponder the above picture, brought to us via Howard Forums. This purportedly is the Motorola Shadow, which kind of looks like a mashup between an HTC and Moto device, borrowing a number of stylings from the former.

That's about all we know at the moment, well, that and it's about time we saw some new hotness come out of Moto. Thanks to everybody who sent this in!


Reader comments

Might this be the next Droid?


No Moto Blur! I'm glad they're coming out with another model though, I'm soo sick of the UI Sense...Nice widgets, its just overwhelming! I like to change it up! COME ON BIG RED, get this baby out!!!

dude really?? im glad i didnt get the incredible just yet! if there is a physical keyboard hiding in the back somewhere, im all over it! that is unless it has motoblur. then im just gonna get the incredible. my upgrade isnt for another two months..i can wait.

Wow, that doesn't look half bad. I really hope we hear a lot more news about this before June 15 so I can decide if I want to return my Incredible or not :-)

is there more of a hacker fan base behind HTC devices compare to motorola because of XDA?? i believe XDA is the biggest cell phone hacker site on the web and it is only HTC devices(for the most part). I have not come across a site that is any where near the size of XDA, but is there one for motorola?

Blur can be turned off and it looks great plus it doesn't have the overrated snap dragon
And this is the shadow the Droid will be very close to what we have now

##bluroff is the code to turn off blur or something like that
Lets see the qsd8650 barely out paces out ti omap 3440 and we run at half of its clock speed ni guess what happens when we turn up the wick

I just got the incredible and I love it (was one of the lucky ones who got it early), but I will get this when it comes out. Yes I am one of those people who have to get the newest device out, and anything Android on VZW is good with me.

Now two things will stop me from getting this. First, if it has a physical keyboard. I don't like them, they just add weight and overall size to the phone. Second, it must not come with motoblur, and I don't really care if you can turn it off. I don't even want it on the phone.

If it follows those guidelines, count me in.


PS: The only thing that bugs me about the Shadow is it's not a 4.3 inch screen. I know I know, your probably saying, "whats the difference?" Well the way I look at is this, the bigger the screen the better. And why not just match the EVO instead of making it .2 inches smaller.

wow OK so i buy a moto droid not even half a year a ago and now i have to buy a whole other android phone with better specs to enjoy the updates and new features?? I'm really regretting switching to android. i understand that the phones are suppose to get better, but to be left behind until my two year contract is up or spend over $500 on a new phone thats supporting the new features android is offering is really is annoying. i dont think ill be sticking to android much longer. guess itll be my loss, o well...

Thats probably the worst sob story I've heard, complaining about switching to Android yet.. Just deal with your Droid until your contract is up, imagine the phones that will be out then! It's not like the motoDroid is a piece or anything, there will always be something bigger faster stronger, being released in the coming months, especially since the rollout of LTE is likely on its way during 4Q of this year.. get over yourself.. seriously.

If you really would've done your research, you'd have seen that there was something new coming this year, Incredible/MotoDroid2.. so in reality, its sort of your fault that you bought the older, yet still extremely capable hardware.

I bought a Hero and was pretty confident it would be soon outclassed by something.

Didn't cause me to enjoy it any less, and even though it's not the top of the line any longer I don't regret the purchase for a minute.

Quit your god damn bitching man. All companies do this well, not apple, but blackberry does this all the time. They release new phones so fast all the time. Also there is a ton of different android phones out there.

Also don't see how you will be missing out as almost all android phones pack exactly the same features, software wise, its whats under the hoods thats different, hardware changes and advances. So quit crying about it and realize that there will always be newer and better of what you have no matter what market. Think about it, you buy a new top of the line TV, 2 months later there is already something better by the same company. It's part of technology man, get over it.

How can you make any judgment about this phone based on a picture on the cover of a manual? That said, I hope some of the speculation is correct. I'm still holding out for my high-end Android device with a usable slide-out keyboard.

I can't type on the current Moto Droid because of the big pad on the right.

I hope it is an updated Droid- same metal housing, wider, no gold, no keyboard (I love Swype), and please have a great camera. My biggest complaint about my Droid is the sucky camera.

I never understood why people
got on other people's cases.

If he/she doesn't like android due to being outclass by newer and better hardware in less than 6 months's time, then why is it they are giving us a "Sob story" by complaining about it :)

Personally, the droid is vanilla and i'm sure whatever phone this is, will probably be the same

I do like android's hardware(incredible, evo, droid, etc. etc.)
but i do have some issues with the OS....

1)I hate how on sense(at least on the hero), that you have to constantly delete text messages in order to keep it laggy...Literaly it can't be more than 50-70 messages in the inbox at a time and i'm a heavy texter(300-600) which is having to delete it 10 x's a day
2)The use of a task killer is subjective to the owner of the phone, i use it and it's annoying for me to have to constantly use a task killer
3)Sense seems to slow the phone down however it makes it sexy looking so i can't complain

This is just my experience on 1.5 and 2.1 Sprint hero and a droid eris. I am hoping for a more pleasant experience on 2.1 evo or incredible

But i do kind of agree with the guy jonny whatever but i wouldn't leave android just yet.

Webos is great, palm's hardware sucks, Iphone is tired, Windows Mobile is special needs and Blackberry is Ancient so for now i think Android is where it's at but it needs to real focus a lot more on the software instead of 80% on the hardware

Looks like it's changing the capacitive buttons into physical buttons, although the physical buttons look barely usable. It looks like it might be a slider phone too, with a hopefully better physical keyboard. My Droid's keyboard is almost dead so an improved keyboard would be nice.