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An Android release may have to wait until PC, Mac, and Windows Phone updates are finished

An official Microsoft Office app release is one of those things that seems to get further away as time goes on. The last notable rumor pegged Microsoft's suite of apps coming to Android in March of 2013. The newest rumor, an alleged roadmap being reported by ZDNet, lists Office for Android coming in 'Gemini Wave 2.0,' or October 2014. The first two 'Gemini Waves' show Office updates for Windows Blue, Office for Mac, Office RT, and Windows Phone. Once the developers get these out of the way, Android and iOS are supposed to be next in line to receive Office apps.

According to this roadmap, Office just isn't in the stars for Android as a 2013 release. Even if this information is correct, it wouldn't be surprising to see the release pushed back further, and Windows Phone keeping an exclusive on Microsoft Office for the foreseeable future. Luckily Google has been preparing for such a scenario, with its acquisition of Quickoffice to beef up its own apps product suite. The free copies of Quickoffice bundled in Google devices and given to Google Apps for Business users will have to do while the wait for Office for Android continues.

Source: ZDNet


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Microsoft Office now rumored for Android in (wait for it ...) 2014


I've heard that they have no intention of bringing the fully functioning apps to mobile platforms other than win 8 as a selling point for their devices as opposed to iOS and Android. My understanding is that these will be limited apps that lack many of the features we expect from Office and will be similar to other apps like QuickOffice which allows viewing and limited editing of Office files. I hope I'm wrong because the only reason I haven't been able to abandon my laptop for my tablet is its lack of a comparable word processing app for Android. Still a little surprised Google has not developed an app suite to take on Office head-on but maybe they will take advantage of MS's apprehension.

Have you used any of Android's word processing apps? I've done my homework and landed on QuickOffice Pro HD but none of them hold a candle to MS Word which I believe was $10 or $15 when I bought it. That's not to say that the app is useless but the formatting options, built-in dictionary, headers, footers, margin tools, etc that are found in Word are hard to work without once you've grown up using them and if MS put out a full version for their normal price on Android, it would sell like crazy. I've got Office 2007 on all of my PC's and won't upgrade until I have to which means the only way they're getting my money is when they put out an Android version because I'm not interested in buying a Win 8 PC when my Win 7 ones no longer work.

If the release these apps and they aren't the full version of the app and save it for their own mobile devices only, no one will buy it. No One will swith to a windows device just for a couple apps. Why Bother wasting the time to produce a half ass app?


Windows is basically keeping its Office Suite as a Windows Phone exclusive, meanwhile they're suing Google for Anti-competitive business practices due to Google bundling their services into Android (Maps, Gmail, Google Talk etc...)

These companies are pathetic! The lawyers are the only ones who win.


Besides, by the time MS finally gets around to putting out an Android version of MS-Office, it probably won't even matter anymore.

Whatever. MS Office on WP8 isn't much better than on android anyway. I used HTC 8X for a week expecting Office to be markedly better on WP8, and I was sorely disappointed. If you want to do any half serious document editing, you are much better off using a desktop or large tablet. Editing on a phone is an exercise in frustration, regardless of platform.

I'm not sure how many people really need the full features on their phones but the fact that they haven't put out a tablet version is perplexing. They must assume that enough people will see it as a selling point for Surface and other Win 8 tablets that iOS and Android users will jump ship with their next purchase. However, given the demand for such apps on the massive tablet market, MS is likely to be supplanted by a full-fledged Apple or Google Office-style apps before they realize they've waited too long and no one is coming to their party.

Microsoft is always so late to the party that they basically make themselves irrelevant. This is yet another case.

Yeah.. cuz the surface is pretty much a no count for me. Especially since it can't even play Media Center Recorded TV shows on it.

Ha ha Microsoft. Continue shooting yourself in the foot. How many android and iOS users are there? Versus how many WP users.
Sometimes, to move forward, you have to be willing to cannabalise.
Am shocked that Microsoft has not, to this day launched an outlook app for android. Sometimes, you have to play with the competition to strengthen yourself. Google does this so well.
Advice to Microsoft, fire all the middle and upper level managers that you carried over from pre-2000, else you are about to become very irrelevant very fast

Wow, they're WAY too late to the ballgame. This would have been welcome news 2 years ago, but due to its absence, I've long since switched to gdocs (and now Drive). Absolutely no reason for me to go back now.

Wasn't Microsoft complaining the other day (through the European courts) about how Google uses their apps as an unfair advantage?

2014 - Seriously??!! Thats like webOS saying it will offer it's platform on Samsung and HTC phones for all carriers in 2014. Nobody Cares now!!

....actually... I'd be first in line for that one.

I generally am of the opinion that MS gets more bashing than they really deserve. In general, Windows is a better option than anything else on the market for desktop/laptop users.
In this case though, this is just an utter fail. And a pointless one at that. The number of people who will switch to Windows Phone over Android because of this is negligible. Google/Quickoffice just got my money as an Office solution.

exactly. it's shit like this that makes me think, "If these idiots can run a billion dollar corporation, so can I." thoughtless, short-sighted moves like this are why Windows will continue to see its influence diminish.

Well it's a good thing they're going to cancel the RT slate and WP8 will likely be next. That may move the schedule up about 6 months. But Once they get all their crappy OS'es out of the way we can finally get a crappy office app for android.

So let me get this straight.
They released the Surface Pro and RT tablets with Office installed but no outlook.
Now they have this article which clearly has an outlook icon in the graphic.
They havent released Outlook for their "premier" RT tablet but yet are saying
Full office will be out for iOS and Android.

WTH is wrong with Microsoft.

Microsoft over delivering again! it used to be whatever the platform they would gladly sell their software and make their money. Now, In a bad hardware market they would rather compete with their oems and lower the OEMS profit margins than sell to 60% of the market?

heckuva job balmer!

btw, ever since gates left microsoft has spun their wheels and with windows 8 adoption and sales rate I think it will likely not be that long before they are not that much of a company anymore.

Isn't there already a multitude of really good office suites for Android that all alow full read and write of all Microsoft's proprietary formats (along with the more open file formats).

I picked up "OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD)" when it was onsale for 99p, and it's REALLY good, opens everything I throw at it, and displays it prettymuch spot on.

Why would I even want Microsoft Office???

QuickOffice is also rather good I hear, but quite costly.

You've used both OfficeSuite and Word and think they are comparable? Have you ever written a paper? The lack of a premium word processing app for Android is border-line criminal and if I knew how to code, I'd be working on one now because the first one to market that actually can take on MS will make a serious amount of cash.

If you have office 365. Put your chrome on desktop mode. And got to Microsoft Word online. Only thing you don't have is right click.