Kinect for the Xbox 360 has been one of my best tech purchases in the past year. (Yeah, I was a little late to that party.) My kids, particularly, have loved Kinectimals, a game in which you roll around and play with cute and cuddly animals. And today, Microsoft's brought the game to Android for $2.99.

The Android version (there's one for Windows Phone as well) is a pretty faithful companion to the console version, though the app itself is a little lacking. (But by purchasing this Android version, you also unlock a few extra creatures for the Xbox side.)

If you're unfamiliar with Kinectimals and how the game works, you're going to pretty lost at first. (Hint: Find the "How to play" section ASAP.) Once you've found your way around, however, you've got the same sort of challenges and playtime that's on the Xbox version -- it's just smaller.

It's also pretty graphically intensive, so don't be surprised when your phone starts getting hot in your (or your kid's) hand, and your battery takes a hit. But that's also a pretty good sign of a fun app.

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Download: Kinectimals for Android

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area223 says:

"We've already stroked Jerry" Oh my god. You guys crack me up.

slayer91790 says:

It would be crazy if it used the front camera to capture your hand gestures!

thegeester68 says:

That would be the bomb and would make the 2.99 doable!!!

erik10002 says:


Nit3m4re says:

That's kind of what I was expecting it would be. Guess that would require a lot more development seeing as it isn't the Kinect camera and is only an Android app. Would have been great though!

sfreemanoh says:

Limited to felines? Gimme some puppies! There's nothing cuter than puppies!

jbsyst says:

Omg Phil I couldn't even make all the way through the video. I am dying here! There are so many phrases I could comment on, but I digress.

Shadowriver says:

i think thats not transtion glitching but blur effect, or snap that it takes for that blur fails