Microsoft begins to drop 2 GB file size limit for OneDrive

Microsoft is prepping to drop the 2GB file size limit for OneDrive. Right now a small number of users can upload files larger than 2GB in size to OneDrive. Users on Reddit were the first to notice a change, with Microsoft sharing a statement to The Next Web to confirm the file size limit changes.

Here's a statement from Microsoft on the OneDrive file size limit:

"As we mentioned on our UserVoice, we have started the work to increase the file size limit for all OneDrive accounts. We have started the process with a small number of customers and will continue to roll it out to our full customer base. We will have more to share on this update in the near future, stay tuned to the OneDrive blog."

Back in April 2012 Microsoft updated the desktop app for OneDrive (then called SkyDrive). The update introduced a handful of new features, one being an increase to 2 GB for files uploaded to the cloud storage service.

Microsoft hasn't shared the new maximum file size but will most likely announce it in the near future on the OneDrive blog. For now, let's play around – tell us the biggest file you're able to upload to OneDrive.

Source: The Next Web

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Microsoft begins to drop 2GB file size limit for OneDrive


High bitrate 1080p video from a DSLR or M43 doesn't need to be very long to creep past 2GB either.

Plus it's one bullet point that made them seem slightly inferior to Dropbox (10GB limit) and Drive (which has either none or a crazy high file size limit), at least for paid customers or those of us with 20GB+ for free on each... I use all three FWIW.

Drive might eventually convince me to part with my money for the sheer convenience of a single account, but there are still things Dropbox and even Onedrive do better.

I have files for school that are larger than 2gb.. also videos are easily larger than 2gb (say i film a video on my family trip and want to upload and share it through one drive etc)