We have taken a look at Pops a few times before, and they even released a special Halloween update, and now they have a Christmas / Holiday package available. These alerts will be sure to put you in the holiday mood with each notification you receive. If you are already a Pops user be sure to check out the new notifications, and if you haven't downloaded it yet be sure to hit the break for download links.

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It will surely drain battery...

I think I can manage w/o it.

Spoken like a true Grinch, as with the following poster.

Just can't spare a few minutes of extra battery time. "OH my Precious"

harleyb16 says:

*this video requires flash*

On a mobile device with flash...

...so it begins...

Works fine here...

Nero Jagger says:

All those who said i wouldn't miss flash when i upgraded to ICS LIED, flash aint dead yet.

joshrocker says:

it's a very cool concept but I'm afraid of bad battery drain so I deleted the app right away.

And you're afraid of the Boogey Man also?

Come'on, where's the spirit? Except at the Liquor Store...

Damn Jared, you didn't really say anything about the app.

Please don't assume EVERYBODY knows about it. I think people really don't need to hit a few external links to know just a little bit.

"Here's Pops". Go find out about it....

Seen better reviews from cheeseburgers at Al's 7th Street diner... You know, the guy with the walking billboard.

Jared DiPane says:

The intent of the article wasn't to inform about Pops, I did that already here (http://www.androidcentral.com/pops-android-brings-whole-new-level-customization-your-alerts)

This one was just to let people know that there is Christmas updates now! :)

d.moss says:

i can't get this to work on my ns4g nor my wifes gs2.. sup with that?

pseudoelf says:

Why does it say I need a .h264 capable browser or flash installed when I have both on my D1?