Monsoon has announced two new boxes, Volkano Flow and Volkano Blast along with apps to let you transport ("sling") your home TV to your Android Phone. Flow is $99 and is barebones slinging. Blast is $199 and added DVR, schedule recordings, web video like YouTube, and mobile video recording (you pick your mobile device and it will record a TV show specifically for that format). Volkano Blast also offers DLNA support so you can beam media from your Android device right back to the box as well.

We got the live demo at CES 2010, so watch along and let us know if you're interested in the new, cheap Volkanos. [Monsoon]


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Magically beam TV to and from Android


I could see this taking off as it kind of mirrors the Sling box with even more functionality at a cheaper price point.

This seems pretty cool, actually. It is important to note, though, that the correct spelling is Vulkano. I found this out while trying to search for these products.

You and all 7 other users that want to watch their home TV on their phones!

Seriously, what is the attraction here, other than the oooohhh, coooool factor?

I work at a paint store and in the winters on a Sunday there is nothing I would like more than to watch football on my phone.

Icebike think of it this way your favorite team is in the superbowl and your stuck at work....wouldn't it be great to have a way to watch the game no matter where you are? I was thinking off getting a sling box its nice to have options now.