Google has updated the Play Store device page for the LTE-enabled Chromebook Pixel, and it tells us that orders should ship out by April 8. The upgraded model offers 64GB of internal storage, as well as 100MB of free Verizon LTE service per month, Users can contact Verizon for additional use, and if things haven't changed from previous Chromebooks, you can get a monthly no contract plan or a standard LTE device data plan.

The Pixel isn't cheap. Wifi only models are $1299, and the LTE version checks in at $1449. They also aren't for everyone, as Chrome OS is an entirely different animal from the Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system you're probably used to. To learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of Chrome OS, and more about the Pixel itself, be sure to check out our review

Source: Google Play. Thanks, everyone who sent this in!


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LTE model Chromebook Pixel to ship in early April


Such a sexy laptop.And with LTE? Man.....

I have an Acer C7, that for the price, I love. I'm all in with Chrome OS, and the cloud. With Google's cloud services the synergy with my Nexus 7 is and GNEX makes them perfect companion devices.

Granted, my job requirements don't include any functions Chrome OS can't handle. It's not for everyone, I get that. But if it fits your needs, it's pretty fail safe, and a joy to use. And being typical Google (In the way we all dig), it's completely hackable (Their Chromebooks, that is..)

Man, soon. Just gotta pinch some pennies.