Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security, the free antivirus app, is now available internationally in the UK, Canada, and Australia. Its first international partner will be Australia's Telstra, who will offer the app through its channel in the Android Market. Lookout says that it will soon be available in "many countries", citing the increase in mobile malware as the catalyst for its expansion. In addition to protecting your device from malware, Lookout also locates your phone and backs up your contacts. The premium version offers remote wipe, safe browsing, and advanced backup. Full presser is at the source link, and you can grab Lookout from the market after the break. 

Source: Lookout Mobile Security

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Davest says:

Yeah, this is the same outfit that, a year or so ago, tried to convince us of the need for security software by accusing some innocent devs of producing malicious apps. I'll pass.

jcprunty says:

I did use it till about that time...but havent since.

El Jefe says:

I remember that!

I only use Lookout for the location feature. It has saved us from losing my wife's phone once. Her Droid 2 fell out of her pocket when we took our son to the park, we didn't know where it could have been because we made a few stops after leaving the park. I got on the website from my Droid X, & it pinpointed to within 3 yards of where it was in the park.

Definitely worth the price of...free!

mozes316 says:

Working at Verizon, I've witnessed it hurting more phones than helping...

El Jefe says:

In what way?

You aren't, by chance, one of those reps that recomment a task killer & even install it during setup, are you? :-P