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Premium sound does come at a price, but Loewe's portable works with pretty much everything

If you're in the market for a new home/portable speaker system for your mobile device, and you want something a bit special, this is well worth a look. I first came across the Loewe Speaker 2 go at the IFA Global Press Conference in Italy where it was announced, and now it's available here in the UK I've had the time to play with it. The full review is up over on iMore, so I won't duplicate it here, but it's well worth highlighting a few key points. 

This isn't a casual, impulse buy item. It costs £269 so it's firmly in the premium end of the market, but it does at least provide a premium sound experience for it. Unlike previous Loewe speakers, the streaming is via Bluetooth and not AirPlay, which means it works with Android devices. And, pairing is a doddle if you've got NFC on-board, since the Speaker 2 go comes equipped with that too. 

Check out the review for the full rundown, and a little taste of the sound quality (though it does it very little justice.) It isn't cheap, but I know I want one.

Read the full review at iMore!

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Ruchelli says:

Damn.... that's expensive. I guess if I were rich.

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davemacd says:

If you're going to spend that much on a speaker, it should be a bluetooth one. BT audio isn't great.

It is Bluetooth...?

I think he ment to say [shouldn't].

bearda says:


XXX0307 says:

what else then? im pretty sure you can also hook it up via headphone jack, if youre so inclined. imho i dont hear much of a difference with my jambox and bluetooth is so much more convenient.

Not every Bluetooth speaker is bad. This one for example is actually very good. Check their website at and it's clearly stated that it support apt-X codec. Trust me it's good.
Btw, quite disappointed with the review (which linked to iMore). They didn't even mentioned the full technical data here

Furiouso says:

Maybe he meant shouldn't?