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We've seen him in Kuwait, we've seen him atop a Christmas tree, and now Lloyd's been spotted on a Chevy Camaro in the Forza 3 racing game. Looks pretty darn good to us. And if anybody wants to actually build us that car, we'll be more than happy to drive it. You listening, Chevy?


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Lloyd shows up on a Camaro in Forza 3


SPOTTED?! Ha Ha .. That goes FAR beyound spotted. Thats like saying Steve Jobs was spotted giving the keynote at Google I/O ... This is sweet AC .. Hell .. I would sport the Shizznit out of that. FTW

It's a pretty kick ass ride. My fist car was a camaro... had 5 altogether... back in the day. This is not a true Camaro, but lets face it, it's about as good as your going to get nowadays... it's unfortunate but muscle cars are a dieing breed.. at least in the traditional sense. I could think of much worse rides to sport Lloyd on!

Was this part of the game or did someone just customize their car?
Either way I wouldn't mind that paint job. The new camaro owns the new mustang so that was a good choice for which car to put it on.

In the Forza series (XBOX), you have a really deep set of custome paint and layer tools. This Lloyd was done using tons of layers when editing the paint job on the car...

I made it at work yesterday when i was bored. :) The painting tools in forza are pretty in depth. You can create almost anything. Im going to put the design up on the Forza3 Storefront tonight. Just do a key word search in the storefront and you will be able to get it from there. Looks like i spelled Lloyd wrong on the back plate though :(

"shitty Gran Turismo wannabe racing game." You're funny! GT5's Metacritic score is 84 and the reviews usually get worse with time... meanwhile an "old" title like Forza 3 has a metacritic of 92! Not to mention Forza 4 is coming next year...while Playstation is debating WILL there be another GT game on Playstation 3 at all!!

that is an absolutely insane amount of customization on that car. they had to have spent hours getting it to work. and i agree with brandonc: forza 3 is by far one of the best and most realistic feeling racing games ever made. GT is for gamers, Forza is for drivers

"forza 3 is by far one of the best and most realistic feeling racing games ever made"


Fucking stupid Xbots. No wonder the Xbox 360 is in last place and Gran Turismo has sold over 50 million copies and GT 5 has sold some 6-7 million in the first month or so of sales.

You would think with Microsoft's billions they could afford to buy someone other than a shit developer like Turn 10.

Forza is a racing in they have used this as a real simulation system. GT is just a game. It may be popular but on a technical level comparing it to Forza is like comparing iOS to Android. It just doesn't stack up.