Live from Mobile World Congress

Greetings, boys and girls, from beautiful Barcelona, Spain! We're live at Mobile World Congress. That is, we will be live starting Sunday afternoon (U.S.) time when things get going -- namely Huawei, HTC and and Sony, among others. Mobile World Congress officially kicks off Monday morning at the Fire de Barcelona -- the lovely venue you see before you here (as shot from atop the renovated Arenas de Barcelona).

A quick reminder that for those of you in the United States, Barcelona is between 6 and 9 hours ahead, depending on your time zone. Your best bet? Wake up early and keep your eyes glued to our Official Mobile World Congress 2012 Page™. (Sponsored by copious amounts of tapas, cervezas and smartphones.) Also be sure to check our our comprehensive Mobile World Congress Preview for a look at everything we now (and everything we think we know) is coming this week.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, and stay tuned for Greatest Android Coverage in the World -- from Mobile World Congress!


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Live from Mobile World Congress!


Exactly...... I love my rezound... just wish i could get some ICS and more importantly SENSE 4.0 with beats fully integrated

is anyone lookin foward to a hint at tha rumored google entertainment system wit their latest Motorola Mobility acquisition.

also lookin foward to a samsung galaxy s III announcement ( hopefully stock ICS no UI's please and mabye a lil HzO)