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We're up bright and early in Las Vegas for LG's CES 2013 press conference. In amongst all manner of consumer electronics -- from refrigerators, to televisions, to cleaning robots -- LG's teased some new Android-powered goodies. An recent video has teased what looks like an Optimus G-class device, so we're likely in for some new Android-powered phones this morning.

Naturally, we're covering the whole event live. You can catch our liveblog after the break. The action kicks off at 8am PST (11am EST).

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Adriangl90 says:

Could you maybe, dunno, take a banner/placard along that read: "WTF is going on with the friggin' Nexus production"? That'd be very much appreciated.

spock123 says:

Lol, yes awesome idea! Go, Alex!

peng1can#AC says:

While on the topic of things that someone should ask/tell LG (at least, the previous commenter was) - Can someone ask LG why they don't hire just one native English speaker to translate their interfaces and documentation? They clearly want to be a top-tier consumer electronics company, but as long as their devices are riddled with broken English, it's hard to take them seriously.

tranziq says:

Boo no news of when the LGOG will get Jelly Bean :(