Littlest Pet Shop

If you've got kids, chances are you've been exposed to the Littlest Pet Shop at some point. Little animals (duh) waiting to be adopted and cared for. My kids love the toys. Now I have to fork over my Android tablet (it's good on phones, too) for yet another game. Such is life. 

Littlest Pet Shop is very much in the same vein as My Little Pony (which makes sense, given the back-end talent they have in common). You're charged with taking care of the pets, which means acquiring planes for them to live and play, food to eat, earn rewards and complete quests.

There's a good 105MB of data that has to be downloaded before you do anything. Then the cuteness begins. At least until your kid tries to work a $20 in-app purchase. Consider yourselves warned.

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Reader comments

Littlest Pet Shop hits Android


If this game resembles MLP, its going to get boring real quick..........

(and that's saying something, since i'm a Brony)

Thanks for the alert on this. My daughter is going to be thrilled when she sees this on "our" Nexus 7 in the morning.

This review would have been better if it described how much you can do without buying in app. I don't want to end up creating a big disappointment if I'm unwilling to fork out in app.