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Link Bubble is an awesome app that helps you surf the web better. In a nutshell, it can preload links from other applications so you aren't waiting for things to load in the foreground. We went over it all here, be sure to have a look if you're not familiar.

Today's update makes a great app even better.

To start with, you now have a 24 hour trial period where you can test the Pro features of the app. We love seeing developers give us a chance to try something before we pay, even when the app itself is just a few dollars. For our friends who aren't native English speakers, this gets followed-up with new translations for Czech, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, German, Italian, Russian and Thai — with more in the works. Add in the always-welcome stability improvements and you've the makings of a great update. Have a look at the full change log.

  • Add a 24 hour trial of Link Bubble Pro's features for all non-Pro users.
  • Translation support for Czech, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, German, Italian, Russian and Thai. More languages to follow.
  • Add option to change the User Agent.
  • Add "Close bubble" option to overflow menu.
  • Add "Stop" option to overflow menu.
  • If the "Vibrate on touch" system setting is disabled, the app will not trigger any vibrations.
  • Add a Close button on the upgrade/inform popup.
  • Many stability fixes.

If you're a current user of Link Bubble, grab your update. If you've yet to try it, give it a spin. Either way, you'll find it at the Google Play link at the top of the post.


Reader comments

Link Bubble updated with stability fixes, new translations and Pro feature trial


Awesome app. Just wish I could whitelist certain apps to not open in link bubble. (example- open links from google search directly in chrome)

I thought this was already possible...the first time I click a link in any app the system asks me what I want to use to open the link. I can select Chrome and "Always" for Google search links.

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4

Love this app. I bought the paid version after using the free version for about 5 minutes. These improvement are just the icing on the cake.

Posted via Android Central App

Love this app but the one thing I can't stand is that it sits on top of daydream mode. The developer has been made aware ofand acknowledged this bug (via Google+) but it still persists. Seems like an easy fix.

I hope "stability improvements" means it won't close unexpectedly as much. Other than that, I love this app and would recommend it to most Android users.

Posted from my 1st gen Nexus 7 via Android Central App

That's the old changelog!
From Chris Lacy's Google +

Link Bubble 1.2 is out now, Pro price is 50% off for a limited time

“OK, Google” support headlines the new features for existing users, but the full breakdown is below.

Also, the free version now allows for links to be loaded from any app (as opposed to previously being limited to loading from one app at a time), so it gives people on the fence a far better preview of the app’s qualities.

Change log:
• NEW: "OK, Google" support (Requires Pro, Android 4.4 or later, must be enabled via Settings).
• NEW: Free version allows for a link to be loaded from any app (previously was restricted to a single app).
• NEW: Granular controls to configure which apps Link Bubble will and won't intercept links from.
• NEW: When closing a tab, an Undo prompt is displayed, allowing people to quickly restore that tab (configurable via Settings).
• NEW: Reading Mode (Beta), which extracts the main text from a link (Requires Pro).
• IMPROVEMENT: If a link was just loaded, prevent loading that link again for a short time period. Fixes multiple links loading in the event a link is clicked twice.
• IMPROVEMENT: Blacken out status and navigation bars when rendering on top of an app that uses translucent mode.
• IMPROVEMENT: Enable the Up button on the Settings and History.
• BUG FIX: Stability fixes.