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Back during Google IO we were able to score the above video demo of Lightbox for Android, and it was pretty awesome. Moving forward to today, the app is now available in the Android Market for all download.

Similar to Color that was released not to long ago, LightBox for Android pulls in photos from all your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and synchronizes them with your device. It also allows you to share any images you have taken to those same social networks.

In addition to the synchronization options built-in, you also get a photo editor which allows you to select from different photo filters and adjust your images before sharing. Lightbox is available for both Android phones and tablets -- give it a run through and let us know what you all think in the comments. Download link can be found past the break.

Thanks, Taylor, for the tip!


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Lightbox Photos now available in the Android Market


As of a few days ago, the Lightbox Beta was a rogue app that ate up 4-5% of my battery even when it was set to never sync. Uninstalled!

It's apps like these that give Android a reputation for bad battery life.

Google really needs to add a prominent "Battery tax" meter to the market for any app that installs a service or runs in the background, and put big red warning labels on ones like these that are poorly coded.

It's unacceptable for an app to negatively impact battery life even after you set it to not update.

It's also a beta application. and it just released to the market recently. Did you have an unreleased, limited beta application?

I was running the closed beta, and it was the latest version of the app as of 3 days ago when I uninstalled. It's possible they've fixed it since then, but it seems unlikely given the timeframe.

I installed it when I woke up.. I've uploaded 2 images so far, and spent a good deal of time messing with the interface. I'm set to sync with Tumblr and Twitter every 8 hours. So far it's only consumed 3% of my battery, which seems about right to me (plume used 4%). I'll keep an eye on it though. Thanks for the tip.

I see people complaining in the app's reviews about the terms of service (section 12) stating that Lightbox has the right to sell your photos???

They changed the TOS to say they don't sell your photos. However, they still say that they can use and distribute your photos any way they wish. Still a huge fail in my book.

No, they say they can use and distribute your files within their service for the purpose of making their service work. Aka, "You told us to share it with Twitter, we need to have in our policy to allow us to share your IP with other services that you specify" Reading the Privacy policy and user agreement, I see nothing that would allow them to make a profit off of your pictures by selling them to others.

The right to sell your personal pictures. They also have the right to track your location and share with 3rd parties. Not going near this application.

This seems to solve a problem that I'm not convinced I have. Just Pictures seems give me access to Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. photos. So what else does this do?

It has a camera app that you can use that has a couple of quick filters (like instagram) and upload them to a couple social networks at once with a small message, etc. It's not for everyone. but the camera software actually isn't that bad (if a little simplistic).

Seems similar to Picplz as well however this has the sync option that allows you to look at your friends photos in the same tool.

Alright people, they updated their TOS again, to try and make it as easy to respond as possible. (From their TOS) "WE DO NOT CLAIM ANY OWNERSHIP RIGHTS IN ANY MATERIALS INCLUDING YOUR PHOTOS YOU POST OR UPLOAD TO OUR SITE VIA OUR SERVICE. You grant us a non-exclusive, fully paid, royalty-free license to use, copy, modify, display such material SOLELY for the purpose of operating our Service. We will only distribute, publish or make available this material if you choose or elect to do this as part of using our Service. You control how your material is distributed or made available. We do not sell any material you upload."

Picsay Pro and Magic Hour are the best photo apps for Android.

Until Instagram makes its way to Android, everything is just chatter.

And whatever happened to Color? That was the stupidest app ever. What a waste of millions.