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Notification support added for 72 new apps, including the new Skype app

One of the most popular notification light apps, Light Flow, has received a major update today. Along with new features to support the latest version of Android, more support has been added for multiple new apps, including device-specific support:

  • Swipe away notifications
  • Remote clearing of notifications read on other devices (e.g. hangouts, email)
  • Handle restricted profiles for users
  • Support for new Gmail folders (e.g. promotions, social, updates etc)
  • Exclude notifications from sleep mode
  • Support for incoming calls
  • Samsung multi-window support
  • Better support for HTC one root users

While many of these new features are great, the most notable is surely the ability to (finally!) remotely clear notifications. This feature was made possible by a new API that was made available with the Google Play Services update.

Previously, getting a new email meant triggering Flow Light to activate an LED notification that would persist even after clearing that notification via the web or another device. Now, once that email has been checked elsewhere, Light Flow can turn off Android's LED notification, giving some clarity about new versus old notifications.

Click through the Play Store link up top to download the newest version of Light Flow.

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RaiderWill says:

Looking Good !

jeffreii says:

One of the best developers out there. Makes this app worth every penny. Responsive and really cares about his users.

The guy bought a USA Galaxy S3 (and I think a Galaxy S4 too) just to find out how to fix a bug...and he already had the international version because he lives in Europe.

ConTejas says:

I'm not disagreeing with you, but he is making a living via Lightflow. With the amount of GS3/GS4 owners in the US, it would've been foolish not to have done that. Not like he couldn't/didn't sell them after the issue was fixed.

maggieo says:

I LOVE my LightFlow App, and Andrew is an AWESOME developer, communicator, helper, etc - but I can ASSURE you he is NOT making a living with his Android Apps.. I wish he was.. more people should give him extra $$ like I do - every time he helps me!!!

Qwkslvrmz says:

I love using this app for my nexus since it gives me many different color options for my notifications, so I know what it is without even waking the phone..

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mwara244 says:

Same here, I wish the new moto phone still included the LED notification light, just to give you the option still. Best app ever with Great Support

Vern441 says:

I wish it would work for my Samsung Galaxy SII on Boost Mobile Jellybean 4.1.2. It used to work with 4.0.4., but since updating no luck. Damn talkback!

meyerweb says:

The talkback problem can be easily fixed by switching to Nova Launcher. I like it better in most respects anyway.

wyldemf says:

Nice app, too much of a battery hog.

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jeffreii says:

Analyzing with GSAM Battery Stats and Better Battery Stats, I've never seen Light Flow cause any noticeable battery drain during normal use.

meyerweb says:

Ditto. This is never a significant cause of wake locks or battery usage on my Galaxy S3. I think early versions of the app were battery hogs, and some people don't know it's no longer an issue.

zachavm says:

Just to be sure, this won't work on the nexus 7 as it is a white only LED right?

Qwkslvrmz says:

I'm not positive but it should, stock my nexus 4 only showed white but with this you can change it to whatever you want.

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Darth Spock says:

Correct that it won't change the color of the LED, which is white.

meyerweb says:

But you can use it to assign different flash patterns for different alerts, and also different vibration patterns or sounds.

andrewpmoore says:

It'll work.....if you like white! Such a shame they didn't do for an RGB led setup like the 4 and 10

xweb10 says:

This is what I have been waiting for. My phone sits on my desk flashing at me when emails need to be read. The issue is, I already read them on the computer, so it is redundant to me. I asked the dev about this almost 2 years ago and Android finally supports this.

jeffreii says:

On my S3 and S4...when I read a Gmail on my desktop...the LED that was turned on for that notification is automatically cleared. It's been like that for as long as I can remember. Maybe that's only Gmail?

andrewpmoore says:

Yes gmail already did this. GTalk used to do, but hangouts didn't. It's other email clients that benefit such as the stock email client and apps such as touchdown which would clear, but lightflow couldn't pick up on the removal of that notification.

jeffreii says:

Thanks Andrew - keep setting the bar higher!

Treknologist says:

Nice update indeed. The ability to remotely clear notifications is definitely a great plus!

Jamaar White says:

Can someone help me? I have a Droid RAZR M. I downloaded Lightflow but it never works. I've tried every option.

Posted via Android Central App

andrewpmoore says:

Get in touch with us via the "contact us" option in the app or via our website and I'll try and help

meyerweb says:

I'd suggest posting in either the Razr forum, or the apps forum, and provide some more details on what is happening and what you've tried. The comments area isn't really a good place to try to analyze and solve problems.

Kvoth says:

Great update! If only it came with a UI overhaul. Love the app but navigating through it is convoluted and tedious.

andrewpmoore says:

I agree. It's my main next area of focus as it's got a bit too large for it's current design.

Kvoth says:

What version number is this now? I don't have any option to clear notifications on swipe-away, but there's no update in the Play Store.

andrewpmoore says:

Note that it's on a staged rollout at the moment so I can handle the increase in support from new releases. The full version is available to approx 50% of people. The lite version only 10%. I'll be pushing both of those numbers up later today.

Timelessblur says:

oh good I will install it again. I loved light flow expect for the fact that the notification clearing would not clear the damn blinking light. This should fix the problem.

sonofabit says:

Yes, it will. I've been using for the last couple of days, and it finally works solidly. I too didn't use it in the past because of notifications that kept blinking. But now, it's awesome.

I've not any update showing in the Play store yet!

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andrewpmoore says:

It's now been pushed out to all full version users (as part of a staged rollout), but not all lite users yet so I can handle increased support.

ehosey2 says:

Very nice. Works perfect on my Note 2.

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