LG Q Voice

LG is getting into the natural voice computing game with Q Voice, and they say it will be coming to English speakers in the first half of 2013. Using the Wernicke engine, Q Voice uses "reasoning with a probabilistic model to find the best answer", matching the context of the text in addition to using a standard database of correct replies. This should help the Q Voice app act more naturally, no matter what language the user is speaking.

In addition to standard voice to text and searching, Q Voice will be able to control device settings, and basically "perform any function [with] the appropriate procedure". We take that to mean that any intent that can be preformed in software can also be performed by Q Voice, which may lead to a very interesting app indeed. Of course, LG has programmed the ability to have a witty, emotional response when faced with a question it can't answer. The example given asks Q Voice what it had for lunch, and the reply is "I ate 220 volts. It was fresh and exciting". 

Is there room for yet another Voice assistant app on the market? Of course there is, as long as it brings something new and different to the table. We'll withhold any judgment until we've had a try with this one.

Source: LG  Newsroom (Korean)


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LG's Q Voice expanding to English, coming the first half of next year


Seems like a complete waste of time, considering that google/Android already has a good siri-like utility

I have never used a good LG android device. They all look hideous and aren't that great in my opinion. And as stri8ed said above, Google Now is the best, so why bother?

Why bog down android with horrible UI customizations that just slow down their ability to update their devices? Why do they load up every device with bloat that nobody uses?

Answer is simple: Logic and Common sense don't apply to what manufacturers do.