Manufacturer says it's not currently working on Nexus 5, but wouldn't turn down the opportunity

An interview with European LG Mobile VP Won Kim sparked a bit of excitement this morning, as selected quotes appeared to show that the manufacturer wasn't interested in collaborating with Google on a future Nexus smartphone. In an article in Dutch publication AllAboutPhones, Kim is quoted as saying "The Nexus 4 was a great success despite the production problems for us and Google. However we do not need such a marketing success again."

Kim also appeared to distance himself from any possibility of "Google Edition" version of top LG handsets (as Samsung is doing with the Galaxy S4), saying LG has "no plans" to offer such a phone.

However LG quickly released a statement to clarify matters, saying that Kim's comments had been misinterpreted. The official message passed to The Next Web states that “What Mr. Won Kim said is that we are not currently working on a Nexus 5, which is true. But that doesn’t mean we would turn down the opportunity.”

The news comes amid rumors from the Korean press in recent weeks stating that LG is indeed the chosen partner for the next Nexus smartphone. Regardless, we're still a good five or six months out from the usual launch window for new Nexus devices, so we'll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

Source: The Next Web, AllAboutPhones


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LG VP comments on Nexus 5 'misinterpreted'


I was gonna say it's too early in the week to be so ignorant, but then I remembered it's actually Tuesday. Holiday has me screwed up.

More importantly, will there even be a next Nexus? Could be they're turning to "Google Editions" instead, since the new Android Studio negates a lot of the need for a even having a developer phone.

I tend to agree with you. With Android's popularity it may well be that Google has decided that the Nexus line isn't worth the cost and hassle producing and distributing. It's clear that being a hardware retailer is not Google's strength (i.e. the complete botchjob that was both the Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 launches via the Play store). I would be disappointed if this is the case as I'm not very enthused about paying close to $700 for a HTC One or Samsung S4. Very happy with my Nexus 4 and the price was reasonable in addition the phone is unlocked so it can be moved easily between GSM carriers. But it's very likely that ADHD like Google may very well decide the time where they feel they need to directly place devices into the hands of consumers is over.

I would like a Motorola Nexus, like my Droid 1, solid build, great hardware, stock android. Oh and something that will actually be released on vzw. I'll miss the GS4 and One Stock edition's on verizon.

I want to see a Sony Xperia Nexus so badly! Their battery life is on par with the competition (unlike HTC), and they still make amazing hardware and cameras.

Mind you, I think in a perfect world we'd have a complete surprise and a Nokia Nexus would be announced, but I won't hold my breath.

@Androidopensourceproject & @Adamsville i agree with both of ya but i'm pretty sure you both want HTC to be the next Nexus maker because of the quality build (so do i).
I hate to break to both of ya but Google always makes their own design (Look at the Nexus S vs Galaxy S & Galaxy Nexus vs Galaxy S2 etc.) so all they take from OEM is their latest flagship phones internal hardware.
So if HTC makes Nexus it might have UltraPixels (DO WANT) but the body will be similar to other Nexus phones. =/

Ultra Pixels is a marketing term, like retina display, means nothing because it is not real. It's still a 4 mp shooter, it's just how well the software works with the camera hardware. You'll get decent photos but nothing that has terrific quality.

No, it is absolutely different. Easiest to conceptualize by thinking about radio telescopes(the huge dishes that point straight up). HTC uses a field of many, while Samsung uses a giant one. There are pluses to both methods. The first while requiring more processing power, can bring down cost and increase light intake and bump up detail, while the second doesn't require the extra processing and should result in a crisper shot "cleaner" shot in good light.

>"The Nexus 4 was a great success despite the production problems for us and Google."

It would be more of a success if you added a reasonable amount of storage AND had it available on all the major carriers...

Lol, because the latter worked out so well for the GNex, didn't it?

I don't think you understand how Nexus devices work…

The Galaxy Nexus had anemic specs compared to the other phones of that time. That is why it wasn't that popular.

And yes, I know how Nexus works. I have owned them.

I dont believe anything these Korean execs say. They are talking out their ass 99.9% of the time. "Oh, he didnt mean to say what he said. Hes just a total moron."

I call Bullsh**. Why does LG responds now? The rumours has been there for months. Are they trying to put up something for a summer release?

I don't care who the manufacturer is as long as Google makes sure it is a good quality device for a reasonable price.

If there is a next Nexus device, I can't see HTC working on it with the current rumors of them launching a stock HTC One. Why compete with themselves? I could see Motorola being the next Nexus even though people have said it isn't, but not sure where they are getting that. Motorola hasn't released a phone in a long time and with current device going through the FCC, it could be ready for an announcement.

There is no need for a Nexus Device... Just continue with developing the Android OS and we'll be just fine.

I wouldn't mind seeing a new Nexus by LG as I love my Nexus 4 and have had no issues with it since its release with it still being in mint condition.

The Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are pretty much Nexus phones when release by Google. The Nexus 4 is pretty much the LG Optimus from Google.