LG Volt for Virgin Mobile USA

LG's Volt is the latest LTE-enabled device to make its way onto Sprint's two prepaid carriers, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. The Volt is the US carriers' variant of the LG L90, which has been available internationally since March. The LG Volt is the first device to bring Sprint's Spark "enhanced LTE" service to the prepaid market.

As far as the hardware is concerned, you're getting a 4.7-inch qHD screen (960 x 540), 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory, microSD card slot (up to 64 GB), 3000 mAh battery, 8 MP camera with BSI sensor, LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connectivity along with Android 4.4 KitKat.

The device also includes LG's Knock Code, which is an upgraded version of KnockOn, a feature that allows you to lock and unlock the device by tapping twice on the screen. With Knock Code, you can create a personalized unlock code pattern that is more secure when compared to KnockOn's standard double tap feature. In addition to Knock Code, the Volt features Next Radio, a utility that allows you to browse nearby FM radio stations, QuickRemote, QuickMemo, QSlide and other LG exclusive utilities.

The Volt is available starting today for $179.99 on Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile

Source: Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile


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LG Volt bringing Sprint's enhanced LTE to Boost and Virgin Mobile on the cheap


This phone would be perfect for anyone ...why would you buy your mom a high tech phone I guess your a rich little boy with a 500 dollar phone

Unfortunately, its coverage is very sparse to be of much use to anyone. Sprint is working on it, but the sad truth is they are way behind.

Well, golly... good for you. I guess that makes the entire network so excellent for all of us then.

Agreed, they updated the towers near my house and my service got worse

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They always get worse before it gets better. I had crap for service when they first upgraded near my house, now it rivals Verizon

Fine but here in Richmond Va - Sprint's LTE coverage is worse than Verizon's, AT&T's, and T-Mobile's. Sprint is just not moving fast enough IMHO. There is absolutely no reason anyone here should use Sprint unless they want unlimited data or are a low cost MNVO like Boost or Virgin Mobile.

Seriously - the battery life on this phone should be incredible since the LG G2 has pretty good battery life.

It's removable as well. Seems awesome. Only downside is the screen resolution.

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I have the moto g with the best 4.5 inch screen I ever seen but I'm still in a rush to get this phone :) The damn battery is 3000mah

PLUS the Snapdragon 400 is very frugal on battery. I think we may be looking at a legit 2-3 day battery life. Finally, at least one manufacturer is listening to those who want more battery life. Looks like a perfect phone if you don't game and can stand the qHD display.

Does anyone know if the volt is a world phone "compatible with GSM" I am taking a trip and would like a world phone.

I don't know about the Sprint F90. I am pretty sure any virgin mobile plan (regardless of phone) will NOT work internationally. If your looking at getting a volt on the boost plan, I would imagine it is the same as virgin mobile.

I understand that Spin the uses CDMA, however I now that all LG Volts have a SIM. I guess my question is "does it have GSM capabilities or will it only works CDMA and LTE?" If so I can probably get it unlocked and use it internationally. Thanks for the reply...

Was enjoying the phone until I somehow cracked the screen in my pocket while working in the yard. Don't know what hit it. LG not much help. They say ship to us and we'll give you an estimate 5-7 days after receipt of phone. Generally $40-240. That sucks. If I knew it was on the low end, I'd do it. If it is $240, it's a no brainer not to fix it. Can't find a local place to fix it in Madison, WI, other than Tech Heroes for $220. I am thinking of buying a new digitizer for $49.99 on Ebay and trying to fix it myself. Anyone else have my bad luck? If so any luck on self repair. Is the screen fused to the lcd?

I too had your bad luck! I purchased the new LG Volt from Radio Shack in May within days of it being released. I had the phone less than 24 hours and the screen cracked on me. This was because the home button got stuck and I apparently pressed too hard trying to get it un-stuck. I had purchased the Radio Shack warranty but I was sure that they wouldn't make me use the warranty but rather just replace the phone since it was basically a defect phone.....NOPE! They made me cash in my warranty to replace the phone. So then I got the new phone but didn't have the extra $30 to buy ANOTHER warranty. Here we are today. Last week I had the EXACT same thing happen to me. I knew Radio Shack wouldn't replace it because I didn't buy another warranty on the 2nd phone so I called Lg and explained it to them. They won't replace the phone either. So now, I have to pay to have the screen repaired. Somehow I don't think that this is at all fair. This is the second phone that has cracked on me in around 4 months or so because of a home button jam/default. This has to be some sort of defect and I already ate up the loss on the first phone. I think that LG should take care of this second phone. What do you think??

Seems like they should fix it due to a defect, but unless they have lots of people reporting the same issue, I doubt they will (either you have really bad luck or they don't want to admit they have a defect).

I am seeing fairly reasonable replacement digitizers for about $20 now, if you are comfortable trying to fix it yourself (or know someone that is). If you have a backup phone (old phone), you could switch back to your old phone. Even though they told me a huge price range to fix a cracked screen (I believe they quoted me $40-$240, which scared me off, because I could get a new one for $150), My screen eventually broke around where the connection is and it quite working altogether. At that point I hooked up my old phone and it shipped the Volt off to Texas. I had to pay my own shipping to get the phone to them. They fixed the phone and paid to ship it back for $68. The whole process took about 3 weeks from making the initial web contact, getting the shipping information, shipping the phone, waiting for a repair estimate, authorizing it and then receiving it. If you don't feel you have the aptitude to fix small electronic parts and you have a backup phone to reconnect, the price wasn't horrible.

Good luck with the repair! If you are familiar with replacing small parts and heating up adhesive to remove the parts, try it. However if have no clue just pay your deductible "if insured" otherwise find someone to do it for you.

Thanks! Decided to forego the insurance as I never had an issue and broke this thing within 3 weeks (but I have never had a glass screen before). I am not sure if an unlocked Volt can work internationally.

Boost network. LG Volt smartphone. Comfortable size. Clear display. Makes and receives phone calls. Sends and receives emails. Streams video. Wakes me up in the morning. Takes dictation. Plays music. And all for less than a third of the price of my wife's not-that-sensational iPhone. Unless you're a nerd lusting for a phone which dispenses espresso, the LG Volt is the perfect day-to-day tool for the real world.