Optimus Vu

While none of the carriers in the U.S. have stepped forward, LG has said that the Optimus Vu (check out our review) will be destined for the United States market this quarter. This aligns rather well with the reports of a Verizon branded version, sporting Big Red's LTE radio bands and it's unique 4:3 aspect ratio. 

With the limited release (primarily confined to Asian markets) the Vu hasn't made a significant splash in the Android pool. Dropping the Ice Cream Sandwich running 5-incher with digitized pen input on the Verizon network could change all that. Of course just because it's been seen and mentioned doesn't make it so (hello there, Verizon Nexus One!) so until we see it on some store shelves we still have to call it a bit of a rumor. 

Hopefully, LG can push the Vu into the U.S. market, as more choices is always better than not having them. 

Source: LG (Korean); via UnwiredView


Reader comments

LG says the Optimus Vu will hit the US this quarter


I'd rather have the Note(2), but I would love to give this a test drive. With how little I actually use the phone app anymore, holding this up to my face on occasion really wouldn't bother me.

This device is absolutely pathetic. I can't stand the trend towards huge devices like the SG3, One X, and Note, but I would rather have a Note 2 with an even larger display than this piece of junk just to avoid holding a square.


This is why I got the HTC One S (T-Mobile) instead of the One X. I don't like big phones. The HTC One S is the perfect size!

Even if it does land on Verizon, it'll never move like the Galaxy Note has. The Galaxy Note at least maintains some sense of style, the Vu is just downright ugly.

I cannot understand why Verizon would pass on the beautiful Note and yet would carry this "block?" The screen is smaller and the phone is fatter and they couldn't even find a place for the stylus to store on the phone; what were they thinking? Who wants to carry this AND a stylus around in a pocket. I REALLY WANT the Note 2 and I hope Verizon gets it...this Vu just doesn't come close in my book. I may have to switch to AT&T - I just do not understand who makes Verizon's marketing decisions.

This is perfect for Verizon i hope Verizon customers enjoy this joke of device. This helps Tmobile to secure the Galaxy Note 2 now that Samsung only has to make the device for three carriers only. Plus Verizon is in bed with Htc and it's upcoming Note competitor. The Galaxy Note 2 will be announced August 29th and should be ready by October on US carriers.

No way I want a square phone. 4:3? Who would want that when everything is 16:9 now? Good grief Verizon your network while reliable about 95 percent of the time you sure do come with some of the most pathetic phones.