LG Thrill 4G at Costco

The AT&T LG Thrill 4G officially doesn't go on sale until Sept. 4, but at least one Costco's already got it on sale for a sweet little price. A mere $29.99 gets you the first 3D smartphone (see our review of its unbranded cousin, the Optimus 3D), with all the 3D goodness it can muster. That should also give us a pretty good idea of what AT&T's going to price it at (the carrier's still not saying) when it drops Sunday.

We're told it's already available in Kansas and Missouri. Anybody else seeing 'em?

Thanks, R!


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LG Thrill 4G available at at least one Costco for as low as $29.99


I'm also curious about this. With its "tri-dual" structure, the Optimus 3D could be a real contender, especially for that rumored price. $29.99 for a new dual-core 3D phone? Yes please!

Because AT&T will then rape you with their rates and plans... Vaseline not included but since you are already at Costco, make sure to grab a box.

That has to be a typo or something. Scoop it up for 29 bucks though. Even though the galaxy2 is coming doesn't explain this. Entry level smartphones are still in the 100 dollar range(give or take) on contract and those dont come close the the Thrills specs. hmmm???

Costco.com its actually run by Costco. The kiosk in every Costco is run by Wireless Advocates. (This is why you can find some phones on the website that we don't sell in store and vice versa.)

But "first in the US" in *infinitely* more important than "first in the world"...after all, everything outside of the US is just...meh.

***before anyone flips out, this is a joke; if you understand that and are still upset, then seek counseling - there are a LOT of other things in the world to be upset about.

This is dirt cheap for this phone. Even at 89.99 - thats a whole lotta phone for that price. Basically it has specs equivalent to all of the heavy hitter phones out (or coming out)

Couldn't hardly believe the $29.99 pricetag !?! So went to Costco online last night & shazam, unit ordered. Tax & all (no ship chg.)
$32.47, delivered to house, WOW !!! Of course with 2 year contract extension. Also includes a FREE acessory kit, which I'm not sure what all that includes. Not sure on how long for delivery. Normal price from Costco shows $49.99, with $30 early order discount. So even there standard price is excellent. Later, FreddieBoy