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Not content with waiting until next week to unveil CES bound products, LG has pulled the wraps off some of their latest Smart TV's. We already know that LG is taking some new Google TV hardware to Las Vegas, but these TV sets aren't those. But, despite lacking a direct Android connection, they still give us cause for interest. 

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The new LG Cinema 3D range includes this rather handsome looking edge-to-edge display, but there's a couple of standout features included. The new TVs will come with NFC compatibility, and Miracast. The sets will come with an NFC sticker that makes it easy to pair with an NFC capable smartphone, allowing for hassle free pairing and streaming of content from your mobile devices.

And that streaming will include the use of Miracast technology. While still in its infancy, it's still great to see LG including the technology in their new TV sets. After all, they did make the Nexus 4.

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LG's latest Smart TVs to include NFC and Miracast compatibility


LG always has the hottest girls to "show off" their products.

Can't wait to drag the TV set to a gas station to pay for something using NFC : P

A cigarette commercial on the two TVs in the background. Been a long time since those were seen in the USA.

How do you know it's a commercial? Could it not just as easily be a televised race like the Indy 500? Is it so hard to believe that the camera crews would be able to zoom in on the chassis of the vehicle and see that much detail when the car is in, say, a pit stop?
How do you know it's "advertising" Camels? Just because a certain brand of something pops up on a show does not mean it is specifically being advertised. Also, by your own logic, they would have to be "advertising" Sega as well, since that logo is clearly shown beneath the Camel logo. I suppose it's also a commercial for Sega then too, hmmm?

I could not concentrate on the beauty of the tv hard to choose..LG if i buy this t.v. can you give me her number?

Ah...miracast. It's like a unicorn.
I have it on my Nexus 4 but nothing else. Can someone please tell me the easist way to connect my Nexus 4 with my Sony Bravia EX720? :(

When will people learn. #d is a fad is will soon fall off completely when people realize how much damage they are doing to not only their eyes and brains but their kids as well.

And yet we've had TVs for 6 or so decades, and the only damage done is how stupid the *content* is getting (Jersey Shore, anyone?). If you want to blame human afflictions on technology, look no further than Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and computers. Heck, I've seen more news on the eye strain many people experience from staring at computer screens all day than the "damage" looking at TV screens do.
Clearly, you are spreading FUD, especially with no proof of this supposed damage TV is causing.

My apologies. I did not connect your earlier mention of "#d" with "3D", mistook it as a really weird typo, and thought you were generalizing TV in it's entirety. That's where the confusion/misunderstanding occurred.

Has anyone noticed how as TV's get smarter, the people watching them get dumber?
Just saying that a couple of years ago you had to be smart to work the smart features, now the smart features are so easy that we can't figure them out.

If only money COULD buy me love...oh, well, guess I'll just have to settle for the soon-to-be-outdated tech gadget instead.

Why can't they firmware update my EXISTING set which is only a year old and already supports WiDi and streaming to support Miracast? Answer - they want to force you to buy a whole new TV set. Last time I buy an LG panel. It's a non-stop gong show of things like this - pulling the Amazon app, breaking Plex support.. LG has no idea how to run an app platform.

I believe that NFC will give you options similar to what Nexus Q could offer. Probably you'll be able to transfer content from your phone to the TV, so possible rented movies streaming, pictures slideshows, music etc??

My guess? It's used for the pairing process for miracast since the article specifically states it, "The sets will come with an NFC sticker that makes it easy to pair with an NFC capable smartphone, allowing for hassle free pairing and streaming of content from your mobile devices."