LG has published a new teaser video for its upcoming G3 Android smartphone. The device itself certainly hasn't been camera shy in the run up to its official announcement. While we're eagerly awaiting LG to hit the shiny green button, the company is looking to maintain hype with new media footage.

From moving optics to smashing light bulbs, LG really has gone all out with this teaser video. "Simple is the new smart." We'll have more details for you come May 27th, when we expect LG to officially unveil the next handset in the G series of phones.


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LG releases new G3 video, teasing upcoming announcement


I loved my LG G2 the only problem was the speakers on the bottom where my hand normally rested during games. I also feel that a speaker on the back would take away from experience. It also may lead in fingers being placed over it.

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I enjoyed my G2 also... However, I enjoy my M8 even more... If I didn't have it, I'd be rocking the G3 when it comes out... And I still might... There's nothing wrong with having three phones... Is there?

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My wife certainly seems to think so! I on the other hand enjoy having three phones. It's somewhat... Therapeutic.

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I have 7 phones and my wife reminds me everyday on how much of an idiot I am.

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I know the rumors say its a plastic back. But it sure does look metal in this teaser. Can't wait to see this beast.
From My Note 3, LG G2, or Nexus 7

A metal / aluminum back that is user replaceable for those that don't like the metal look can swap out for a plastic or carbon fiber back would be cool.

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i am REALLY hoping this is it... but it will probably be metal looking plastic (which i am OK with as long as its not slippery and has some kind of texture for grip

Great Teaser video, and yes it does look like metal construction in this, but reports are saying otherwise, either way the G3 is looking and sounding good.

That said I'm more than happy with the Z2 :-)

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Are they showing a circular opening on another QuickWindow case at the end of the video?

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I'm thinking it's a "active notifications" type thing on the lock screen let's hope cause active notifications is pretty awesome on the moto x.

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unfortunately we already know that if this will have the QHD screen that they just unveiled, it is LCD tech.. not AMOLED, so the whole screen will be powered on completely nullifying half the benefit of active notifications.

They'd have to royally screw this up for the G3 not to be my next phone.

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That was nicely done. I like the tagline as well. Hope it does well; it's good for Android to have several manufacturers doing well; not just Samsung and everyone else getting crumbs. It'd be good for Samsung too....lack of competition creates laziness.

If they somehow made this metal appearance from plastic I would LOVE that IF they fit qi charging into it. I mean that would be the only reason I can think of for them to make metal looking plastic lol. Either way, everything about this phone seems awesome and they would have to 'royally screw this up', as another user put it , for me NOT to buy this phone lol.

I might jusy trade in my note 3 for this...only until the note 4 comes out of course

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Finally getting closerrrr. Feel like I've been waiting for forever.

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Saving my bacon for this. The teasers have really helped out with the wife's approval process.

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If you put a phone in a case, the G2 was the best phone. Outside of a case, the HTC One was a looker. It's a shame the G2 didn't do better given how good it is. Got it for my wife mostly for the all day battery life but it is an awesome phone. Just wish it had better build than the cheap plastic. I'm using a note 3 which also is plastic but I do like the softer touch back.

I liked the G2, but could never get used to the back buttons. I'll have to see how this one feels before I decide if I want it.

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OPPO's Find 7 out the door for $599.99 is still my choice.. I love the "Either- Or" option to swap out the battery for Instant replenishment or the Fast Charging @ 1% Every 30 Seconds... Everything else will be equal between the devices.. Same New Flagship 2560 x 1440P displays @ 5.5" Same Snap-801's, Same 32Gb Internal Storage.. Both easy to Root.. I'm still not sure if the G3 will have a SD Card Slot.. I know the Find 7 does and it's going to be at least $50.00 cheaper than the G3 if not more...

The G3 will blow it out of the water on features alone. Let also mention that OPPO so far has proven nothing as far as an OEM. No track record at all. If the F7 were running OPPOs software, it would be a mess like the others. Check their own forums to see how cruddy they were. It does not exactly inspire confidence that if something goes wrong they will stand behind it.

Speaking of stand behind it, their return policy is pretty much in line with everyone elses, except if something goes wrong, the carrier usually does the exchange, no such luck with OPPO.

Too many negatives still with them to be a $600 viable option

A Ton of Features,
Are for Conservatives... My device go straight to the Command Line for Root and CM.
I have ZERO fear of having a failed device..
It's running a Snapdragon SoC... Same as the G3.
It has a Removable Battery should that fail... Same as the G3
If for some Strange Reason, should OPPO's Flagship 1440P Screen just Stop Working.. I'm sure that would get replaced under the 1 year warranty.. I have other devices should something that strange happen while it's being repaired...
If you feel compelled to prefer the $700.00 ($649.00 + Tax) G3... Dude.. Go For It.
I think the Find 7 and it's Cheaper Price with basically the SAME internals and 1% per 30 Seconds Rapid Charging is the Superior product at a Superior Price Point over a G3.
And in Black (Of Course) The Find 7 IMO looks levels better than the pretty cookie cutter G3.

I've heard this WILL have a MicroSD card slot, and I plan on probably buying the G3 as my next phone (currently have an Optimus G Pro, and would buy the G Pro 2, but it doesn't look like it's coming to the US anytime soon, and I don't have $500 or $600 dollars lying around to purchase one off contact to use on my AT&T service; I'll buy the G3 as an upgrade).

The only way I won't buy it is if it doesn't, in fact, have a MicroSD card slot (I need that for my huge music collection I keep on my phone).

If you're happy with your Oppo phone, that's cool, but, even though I only buy phones I can root, I actually like LG's "skin", or software!

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