Strong G2 and Nexus 5 sales lead to a huge 13.2 million units shipped in Q4

LG has just posted its complete Q4 2013 and full year 2013 financial results, and it looks like it was another big year for the Korean manufacturer. In terms of just the fourth quarter, LG as a whole posted revenues of $14.03 billion, leading to an operating profit of $223.89 million but a net loss in the end of $60.21 due mostly to non-operating expenses. LG's mobile division made up $3.38 billion of those revenues, which was up 18 percent quarter-over-quarter.

Looking at 2013 as a whole, LG saw a small bump in revenues to $53.1 billion, leading to an operating profit of $1.17 billion but a net profit of just $203.67 million. Again breaking out just the mobile business, annual revenues were up 29 percent year-over-year to $11.85 billion.

Building on strong sales of its LTE handsets like the G2 and Nexus 5, LG sold 13.2 million phones in the quarter, which is an increase of 54 percent over the previous year. That's also a notable jump over the 12 million it shipped in Q3. LG is on a pretty solid trajectory upwards in terms of shipments and revenues in the mobile space, and we don't see it slowing down any time soon.

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LG posts Q4 and full 2013 results: Revenues up slightly, mobile jumps 29% over 2012


That's good.

I am happy to see a company other then Samsung do really well in mobile

Its good see them getting closer to FIRST.

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I am glad to see them doing well.

Kinda funny though when you think of perspective.

The N3 more than likely sold 13M units in Q4.

I am just sayin', not knocking. It is amazing how far ahead Samsung is...

Well done LG you've been very smart. You put all your knowledge and quality parts into the G2 and put all the rejects bin parts into the N5 and let Google deal with it. Well played..

Put it this way, every Nexus phone ever sold from the One to the 5 is similar to the first 2 weeks of Galaxy S4 sales..

Step up your updates game and it'll jump even higher LG. Don't know how you guys didn't figure this out yet but updates are a pretty big deal now when deciding on your next phone to buy.

You may think it's a big deal, but it's really not. The majority don't even know what version they're currently running, nor do they care. The minority, which is us, tend to be the only ones usually complaining about updates, or lack there of... well, not me anymore actually, since I got the G2. I couldn't care less what version this is running, because it runs like a top! Sure, I can rom it and put 4.4 on here, but why take the chance introducing potential bugs into a phone that is currently completely bugless for me right now? Just saying, I'm not in any rush to get 4.4 on this phone by any means. I rooted and am utilizing xposed to take care of a few main gripes I had with the UI of this device, and it's still completely bugless. Couldn't be happier. So I honestly do believe those that get all bent out of shape about updates, and let the update schedule affect whether or not they make the purchase, are in the minority, and are potentially missing out on what could be the best device, and most pleasant experience with a smartphone (LG, Samsung, HTC, or whatever...), they've ever had.

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Perfect post. The G2 is the first phone with which I don't worry about updates. It's the first phone I haven't rooted and installed roms. Its the first phone that met my expectations.

I couldn't agree more. Granted I did root my AT&T G2 so I could auto disable the Carrier IQ processes and I like to Greenify some apps, but I haven't even thought about a custom ROM.

LG really hit a home run with the G2.

+1 Couldn't agree more, brother.

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What annoyed me when I saw the update alert in notification centre. The girl showed me her phone saying "can this be removed" and I was like... This is an update, you have to install it. She's like "er..... What"

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They should be thankful to be manufacturing the Nexus 5! That seemed to have helped them a lot!

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Inside the US the sales are not anything to write home about either, but your view is wrong.

The Nexus is very important. It sets a certain "standard" for a lot of devices. Be it hardware or software, its there.

I am no fan of the Nexus line for a lot of reasons, but even I can understand its importance to the Android universe.

Hardly anyone even knows it exists outside the US. Do you really think consumers, or the OEMs care at all about the Nexus? If it didnt exist it would have virtually NO impact on the Android world. Sites like this greatly over play the importance of what is an extremely minor player with hardly any public awareness.

Sales say customers dont care, the way OEMS treat Android shows they dont care about stock Android or anything else the Nexus has to offer. Usually the nexus doesnt even get basic features first. It took an update to 4.3 for the Nexus to get TRIM, yet some OEMs had added it to certain devices in ICS!

It has virtually no features of worth and sets the hardware standard VERY low. Its a very poor quality device indeed, it just has a fast CPU.

Again, i am not a fan of the Nexus, but you proved my point.

It is a fully functional device on a relatively low feature/hardware set. It is a reference device.

Same here. I have no desire at all for a Nexus, but I do understand the role they play. I still remember the original, HTC Nexus One, with that stupid track ball.

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USA is full of isheep. Over here in India nexus devices weren't made available by Samsung. Until lg made the nexus 4,and offered both the white and black version. Now the nexus 5 has also been launched in 16 and 32 gig black and white. And both phones have lot of fan following here among those who understand android. While the "cool phone" crowd prefers Samsung devices and lately I saw lots of girls with Lumia devices.

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By that logic the HTC ONE and moto X. Having used both for a week I can assure you they don't.

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Seriously I don't get where people think the n5 battery is far less superior than the HTC ones. Moto x, sure. But definitely not the HTC ones. Having owned both devices from day one, I get basically the same amount of battery out of each. And even with that, I'd give the edge to the n5.

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I would highly disagree. My Nexus 5 will get me through a day of moderate use with about 20% battery left by 10 PM. I even live on the edge of good cell service, which causes a lot of battery drain trying to get better service. It is not the best battery in a phone, but its plenty enough for me and lots of other Nexus 5 owners.

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Thats why we have choice, but even if the N5 is enough for you, its still very sucky compared to most other phones, so I do agree with his post.

You shouldn't agree with his post; the guy has never even used a Nexus 5.

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What fantastic news. I don't care what OEM you're a fan of, having a pool of choices is always best. LG has made 3 excellent phones in row. I loved my G2 but ditched Verizon for Republic.

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LG losses money no one bats an eye. HTC losses money ONE time "OMG they're going under!!!"

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Thats because HTC are a much much smaller company with few resources. LG can afford to have a few bad years, let alone a quarter or 2.

Yes. Their tv and washing machine are a hit in India. They are pretty big that way. HTC = hi tech computers

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You should think harder about the shit you are about to write and/or say, and maybe do some research, before you post stupid comments like this.

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People do forget that LG, just like Samsung, has a strong foothold in many other markets.

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Even though I'm not a fan of their products, it's good to see they're doing good

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LOL 13 million. So darn pathetic they gonna Go under withcap DAT fever baby sun uljundred end too. Samsung be mess in they numbahs up by 100000x

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I'm actually looking forward to picking up a G2 in 2 weeks time. I currently have a Moto X and love the phone, but I'm looking to up the specs a little bit in my next phone. I've heard nothing but good things about the G2 and can't wait to get it.

Good. LG deserves more attention. I don't understand why they're so underrated. I'm not saying that I don't like Samsung but there are too many people who think that android isn't good unless it's a Samsung device.

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If it weren't for the awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I'd be rocking an LG G2. I also like LG's TVs and home appliances, great quality and reliable. They'd do even better if they did more marketing/used more retailers for the G2 and G Pad 8.3.