Optimus Z launcher

A week or so ago we looked at the LG Optimus Z, a phone that unfortunately we'll never see here in the states. While we had it, we yanked the system files out of it for a closer look.  And an enterprising xda'er named aalopez10 took the time to go through the system dump and has the home and several of the widgets working, and you can too -- without needing root.

There are still some kinks to work out, but if you have an hdpi device and want a new look, hit the source link and have at it! [xda-developers via Andronica -- files from Android Central Forums]


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LG Optimus Z home and widgets running on other devices


Why do the admins still let people do this? Seriously. What the hell is the point with "First!!11!!!!1!!" posts like that?

I've been using the launcher for a few days now and I love it. The calender widget is good but the app drawer organization is by far the best feature.

I downloaded the .zip files. Can anyone guide me through the maze of folders to find the launcher and the calendar widget. That's all I want to try. Thanks!

They should be in your downloads folder. I usually move .apk files to a my.apk's folder before installation so I know were they all are.

This works well on the HTC Desire all bar the known home button bug. I also like the categories in the app draw its handy for sifting through your apps quickly but once a device is set up I find the app draw becomes a Tad redundent.

I can confirm the LGHome and Calendar and Calculator APKs all work on the Droid 1. The App drawer does as well. It is a little bit slower than using Launcher Pro (my normal default). This is probably the best Android Calendar widget I have seen so far actually. It is very useful. I am running the Ultimate Droid ROM (Froyo).

The Camera wont work (force closes).

I like the launcher better than the Froyo default, but not as much as Launcher Pro. I definitely like the app drawer a lot more.