Optimus Vu

LG has officially announced that the Optimus Vu is now for sale in the United Arab Emirates. This makes the 5-inch smartphone available in most major markets in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and now the Middle East. 

The Optimus Vu eschews typical smartphone design, instead opting for a more squarish 4:3 aspect ration. The extra width is used by features such as QSlide and Quick Memo, and is appealing to folks who enjoy reading on their smartphones.

Alex was slightly underwhelmed by the Vu during his time reviewing it, but LG has sold 17 Million of the devices so clearly there is a market. In the end, it's great to see our friends in the UAE have a new choice.

Source: LG Newsroom (Korea)


Reader comments

LG Optimus Vu now available in the UAE


17 million, huh..?

Might have looked at this if I hadn't just bought a GS3 and if it wasn't a Verizon exclusive.

LG can't meet the demand for their devices. It was announced in February. Wrong partner for Nexus this year

The only LG I'll buy in the future is a true successor to the KC910 Renoir, with top or beyond specs and an exclusive Renoir-themed launcher and/or software additions (whatever those may be - it should include an exclusive top notch paint brush/doodle app at least - and that will deliberately be coded to not work on any other phone).

The Vu and Vu 2 at least suggest that LG still have the potential to do something awesome like that.

17 million units in sales for the Optimus Vu? Not true. That figure is probably for all of LG's Optimus line of smartphones and not specifically for the Optimus Vu. Hot selling Galaxy Note 2 expects to sell 6 million units by end of year but relatively unknown Verizon exclusive Vu has sold 17 million units? I don't think so.