Optimus V

The LG Optimus V has an update waiting for it, you might have received a text message from Virgin about it. The update offers a security fix "that will protect your handset from security vulnerabilities that may occur either through a remote attacker’s access attempt or through a 3rd party application’s ability to access code that could be used to exploit data on the handset". They even provide a link to the National Vulnerability Database on their FAQ page, making it look very official and serious.

You'll have to download the update and install it manually via your computer (see the source links for details), and you won't have a new version of Android to play with when you're done, unfortunately. But security patches are the types of updates that are truly important, so it's good to see them.

In all likelihood, these exploits being patched will kill the current root methods. Rumor has it that this is the only reason for the update, but rumors are rumors. In any case, if you're riding the root train on your Optimus V (and with the dev team we have in the forums, who could blame you?) you should probably skip this one until those same developers say differently. For everyone else, see the links for more details.

Source: Virgin Mobile USA; via Android Central forums


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LG Optimus V getting a security update, will likely block rooting


I have the Optimus V, rooted and running the Harmonia 2.03 ROM. Haven't received any kind of notice of updates. I'll very likely ignore it when it comes.

Not only do we have gingerbread ports, but a rooted Optimus V can run CM9 ICS and MIUI ICS why would anyone give that up?

i rooted my phone almost 4 months ago and have yet to change anything about it pretty much because im not sure what and how im supposed to do it. i would really appreciate any links or resources you could provide me so i can upgrade to ICS as im really excited to try it out asap. even though 4.1 jellybean is getting ready to launch :/ i think i should start off with ICS before i jump the gun. thanks

Unless a txt has something to do with my account, like low balance or some such, I ignore & delete it.
Virgin Mobile wouldn't give me a warranty now cause
my phone is too old. Why on earth are they worried
about a "security fix" now?!!!

I wonder if another reason for this update is to finally close the tethering loophole that exists on many stock OVs.

Android phones should *NOT* require some stupid, proprietary, computer-based software program to update firmware.

It should either be over-the-air, or just copy a file to the phone's storage.

I was a former pre person. The v was my first android phone and this phone was pretty good but unusuable without rooting due to the low storage. Yeah 16gb external is great until you realize there are apps that can't be moved

I believe their doing the samething they did with the rumor touch. Eventually they will block 3rd party apps and more. I know this cause I owned the rumor touch for 1 ye and had lots of security updates. I'd rather have a safe phone then a hacked one. Hackers are so smart they could hack ur phone and u never know it. Get a live feed on ur camera ur kids camera and more. If ur really will to put ur personal info into the hands of a hacker then don't come crying later on when ur device get hacked and ur personal info stolen. All it takes is one program in a custom rom to ruin u, have access to ur email, photos, camera, credit card info and more. I'd never let a hacker into my phone no matter what u say the custom rom can do.

Plus all of u who want it to be legal should be ashamed, it will never be legal to hack software its a violation and invasion of privacy that's why u automatically terminate ur warranty when flashing a rom. If u ruin ur phone by ur own actions why should a phone company fix ur problem for free when they had nothing to do with plus it would go against their rules cause they do not support anyone who hacks their software. I know I wouldn't either.

There are open Source Android Projects and "hacking" is the wrong word . Also they are a Dime a dozen on ebay so if one breaks it just goes for parts .There is no shame in breaking what is yours.

can't believe there's actually someone that ignorant...
hacking a software and flashing their own phone with open-source rom is COMPLETELY different. The warranty is terminated because the phone has been customized by the consumers, not because it's against the law. PLEASE get yourself some knowledge about "open sources" concept that Android system is based on before posting such a ridiculous comment.

I think you've mis-associated two issues. If I'm not mistaken, courts have upheld the consumer right and choice to modify a device. However, all repercussions are in the consumer's hands at that point.