LG Optimus S

The LG Optimus S is the cheapest of the new Sprint ID phones, clocking in at a price usually reserved for blowout: $49.99 after rebate. For that price you're looking at Android 2.2, 3G mobile hotspot, a 3.2 megapixel camera, and a "I-can't-believe-it's-only-fifty-bucks" level of responsiveness on the 320x480 screen - which is to say it's passible but nowhere near Incredible.

The LG Optimus S isn't going to blow the doors off anything, but for a budget Android phone we're not complaining. Grab a few more shots of it after the break.



Reader comments

LG Optimus S Hands On


Looks more like the Droid Eris (yes I know the Eris is also a HTC Hero phone)...but not all of them look alike ;)

This phone isn't as bad as as it looks.

This is basically the same phone as Optimus GT540 that was already released and people are reporting that it is surprisingly snappy. Wonder why?

That's because this 600MHz MSM7227 processor is sort-of half way between the old ARM11 based processors and 1st gen Snapdragons. MSM7227 uses Adreno 200 GPU from the Snapdragons. GT540 received Quadrant result of 465, which is only a bit lower than the Nexus One with 2.1 as shown here:


So given the low resolution, plus this GPU means the phone will be surprisingly snappy, and most games will run just fine.

I wouldn't buy it for me, but may look great for my kids. :)