Optimus Pad

The LG Optimus Pad will be the international version of the G-Slate and will be shown off at Mobile World Conference, which kicks off in a couple days. 

In the meantime, a commercial has popped up which features the Optimus Pad as a Transformer. The commercial begins like a movie trailer and shows the Optimus Pad becoming a Transformer, highlighting the dual-core processor and 3D capabilities. It then fights off bad guys and has some references to a certain electronic company named after a fruit. Check it out for yourselves after the break. [YouTube]



Reader comments

LG Optimus Pad gets Transformers love in new commercial


This looks like a fake commercial. It is missing all of the usual branding and the effects, all though cool, do not look genuine (aka officially Transformer).

It's a very fake commercial. The CGI is video game quality at best and there is NO WAY Apple would allow use of their logo. It's obviously a very enthused (and creative) fan production.

Looks interesting. Specs? Price? WiFi only version? Not interested in a 3G Tablet and additional data plan.

Yes this is definitely fan made. There is no WAY that add would fly with Paramount, Dreamworks, Hasbro, Apple, etc etc...