LG Optimus G Pro

Just a quick heads up that LG has confirmed that its May 30 event in Macau, China, indeed is for the Optimus G Pro, as we originally suspected, and not a successor to the smaller Optimus G. That makes more sense from a release-cycle standpoint, as the Optimus G is all of eight months old at this point.

In the United States, the Optimus G Pro is currently (and exclusively) available on AT&T.


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LG Optimus G Pro confirmed for May 30 launch in Asia


Nobody in those countries are gonna want a bootleg poor battery life wannabe Galaxy Note 2 with NO Spen. Everyone knows LG is a farce on the android platform. The Galaxy Note 2 is the GOLD STANDARD of technology today clearly the device all manufacturers are scrambling to catch up to and copy obviously. Can't copy software solutions and feature implementations that's why all you have here is a large screened smartphone with 2 versions of android behind with 4.1.2. They couldn't even release a new device with up to date software like Samsung did with the Galaxy S4. Lg is the poorest manufacturer when it comes to updates. Pretty sure sales for this device was extremely low.

I would take this over the Note 2 any day. this is just a BIT narrower than the note 2 making it easier to hold.
the screen trumps the Notes screen easily
the processor is faster
the OS is less bogged down (i was impressed with the speed of the OS)
i have no use for the Spen, or hover gestures.

i am a little worried about the update process but knowing me, i would Root and ROM the thing anyway.

my only complaint is it being on ATT only. where i can get the Note 2 on EVERY carrier in the US.

I have been more and more impressed with LG's phones lately. nothing can touch their screens....they are beautiful.

You really wouldn't notice the speed of the processor over the Note 2 in day-to-day use.

Regrading the displays from the mobiletech review::

"The 264 ppi Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a 1280 x 720p display, and while most folks will look at it and state that it's a stunning display, it's not as sharp when viewing text and icons. Since it's Super AMOLED, it has those hyper-vivid colors that Samsung fans love, and it might still strike the average user as the more pleasing display because it is so very colorful and bright. Honestly, you have to own a pair of sharp eyes to see the difference in resolution. Color saturation is the most obvious difference, and this comes down to personal preference: do you love better than life colors that pop, or do you prefer natural tones and sharp text. Do you read black text on white pages often or do you more often watch movies and view photos? The LG is the better choice for text and the Samsung is great when viewing videos and photos."

If it trumps the Note 2's display so easily, why does she say that "it will take a pair of sharp eyes to see the difference in resolution"

That's exactly why I'm saying it doesn't really kill the Note 2 display...Most people emphasize resolution when comparing the 2. The G Pro also supposedly gets brighter, but in sunlight it's just as bad as the Note 2.

OH yeah, plastic body is gold standard. Fucking no. I want an actual well built phone that wont fall apart within less than a year as my Note 2 did. Gold eh? Shove it.

Checked it out at an ATT store the other day. What a stunning screen. I mean, the Galaxy S4 and HTC One are beautiful, but the G Pro was in another league. Sammy's going to have to step things up with the Note 3.