LG Optimus G

We're live from Seoul, South Korea, where we've gotten our first look at the Optimus G, the newest flagship Android smartphone from manufacturer LG. 

For as important as the hardware is to LG -- 4.7-inch True HD IPS display in a ridiculously thin form factor, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor at 1.5GHz and a 13 MP camera -- it's the user interface that LG seems to be particularly proud of. There's still no mistaking that you're using an LG phone, as everything fits together just so and seems very much in its place. But at the same time, it's lost a bit of its rigidity.

The phone itself is a slim little wonder. It's decidedly rectangular. But its thinness keeps the lack of sweeping lines a non-issue. The rear of the phone practically shines, thanks to the ultra-reflective design.

The phone's got three capacitive buttons beneath the display (and, oh, what a display it is), done up in the back-home-menu configuration. Again, that sort of flies in the face of what Google intended for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up, but it works well enough here. (And speaking of Ice Cream Sandwich, we can only assume we'll see a Jelly Bean update in the near future, and LG hinted as such, but there's nothing official yet.)

The 2100 mAh battery isn't removable, which continues that trend in smartphone design. We'll have to wait and see about whether that's a real concern, but the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro should lessen that concern.

We've got a few very quick pics after the break.


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LG Optimus G: Hands-on with the Korean manufacturer's latest, G Style


You are welcome to delete my comments, but Phil, please, for god's sake, take some better pictures. I don't really know how you can call this a hands-on with such poor quality pictures where you can't see any detail on the phone.

Does thus have NFC? I'm sure their announcement this week Wednesday will have something to do with the release date of this in the states.

Ditto on what samarth1 said, these pictures are a bit embarrassing to be posting on the internet. Not intending to be offensive, but there's no denying that you can't tell a thing from these horrible pictures.

What kind of camera are these taken with anyway?

Looks like great hardware. The screen appeals to me far more than any AMOLED variant yet released.

Software ... the one thing I won't do is buy a new android phone that doesn't run the latest os version. Yeah, I know development time and all that. But still, they lose me here. JB update coming means so little based on past experiences. Root is fun and all that, but there is always something. I need a bomber functioning phone, and I want the latest google android experience. Sigh. Close but no cigar. Bring on the next Nexus phone or phones please.

Yes, these pics aren't our usual greatness. Yes, they were taken with a camera. Yes, we'll have loads more later. Everybody chill.

Is that a camera? I couldn't tell what the pictures were of.

Just kidding.

Can't believe all the cry babies. It's a damn phone and we already pretty much know what it will look like.

Still though, it would have been cool had you been able to get it into the portrait studio with a nice wooded background.

Yeah, I guess legible and non-blurry cam "official hands-on" pictures are too much to expect in 2012. You're right.

Owwww come on. Give the dude a break, he will improve. I think he is single handed over there. Alex is busy in London doing Motorola-Intel stuff.

Oh no. Don't tell me that's a menu button.

Tabs that don't follow with the Android Design guideline, completely white notifications (compared to the subtle grayed out notifications in ICS+), unnecessarily colorful notification icons, weird white/blue gradient in the app drawer compared to the launcher, and those labels in the dock (there's a reason why those were taken out!).

Yeah. New UX. Worse than stock. Colorful colors that pop isn't UX LG. It isn't deviating UI conventions either. Your general tone is unnecessarily distracting and attention-prone than it should be. Matias Duarte knows what he's doing as well as the rest of the Android team, respect that! Your butchering your own device as well as the ecosystem it lives in with this 'New UX.'

As a fellow Korean, I find it shameful that 'professionals' don't seem to get this. Just why?

So does this phone "matter"?

When you go out to buy a phone, you consider the Samsung, the HTC and the Nexus. I'm waiting to see if the Sony Xperia T matters. Does this phone put LG back on the list?

And Motorola isn't on "the list" because...?

I guess if you don't live in the US, Moto's offerings are a little limited, but they've got some great international phones out and coming soon.

I'm in Australia and Motorola doesn't get quite exposure here that they have in the USA.
So they slipped my mind, sorry.
No offence intended.

I read the comments before looking at the pictures and I'm honestly a little embarrassed for the which of you that we're complaining. Those pictures really aren't nearly as bad as y'all made them sound.

Why this obsession with thin? If the battery is locked in make it 3Ah or more. Are these companies designing for carriers or users? It is beyond crap to launch a Phone now without JB. Sorry Phil, I hope you're seeing something better on this trip.