We've already had our way with the LG Optimus Black in our hands-on review of the device but LG hasn't slowed down in the marketing of it in the slightest. A new video has now popped up on the LG YouTube page that pegs the LG Optimus Black up against some cleverly named competition in the "smartphone championship race" -- have a look, LG certainly won the cool factor with this one.


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LG Optimus Black appears in new video


Ok, I get all of the cute names except for HTC's... "Dwayne"??
Waffle's Ivan = Apple iPhone
Samson's Gary S. Jr. = Samsung Galaxy S (2?)
Sonic's Archie = Sony Experia Arc
Optimus Black = duh
Hightech's Dwayne = ???

I believe the Samson is thinner, the Hightech is faster, and the Sonic has a better OS. Still, the Optimus Black is better than the Waffle!

hahaha this was very creative, this makes me want it, if i hadnt recently got the g2x which is still probably the winner if black wasnt here.