LG Optimus 2X

Good news for everyone looking for parts and files from the LG Optimus 2X, the files have been stripped from the phone and are available for download.  The system dump itself is about 275 MB and is the full dump from the Asian release of the phone.  Luckily, the wallpapers and sounds have been singled out, saving a lot of time for folks who don't have the time or the need to go through the system files.

For most, the system files themselves aren't of much use, but your favorite developer can get to work porting all the cool content (like that clock widget!) now that the files are available.  Enough talking about them, go grab them and enjoy! [Android Central forums -- system dump; wallpapers; ringtones]

Update: The four new live wallpapers are now available as well.  They work as stand-alone installable .apk files.  Be warned, they were designed for a phone with a Tegra 2 chipset, so performance may vary.  Grab them here.


Reader comments

LG Optimus 2X system, wallpapers, and ringtones available. Update -- live wallpapers, too


Wow...I LOVE the Good Morning ringtone. Definitely my new way to wake up. Instantly puts you in a good mood lol

Wallpapers actually working pretty well. Really really dig the water drop one. Definitely my new daily wallpaper. Rooted evolution with cm7 nightlies.

ok so everything is in asian symbols so i dont understand it any way to change it to english. Also weather clock widget forces close anything else i need to install to get it to work on Vibrant. Thanks for your help.