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According to the LG SIngapore Facebook page, the tradition of long waits for updates is set to continue for owners of the LG Optimus 2X. Gingerbread took what seemed like an eternity, but initially the device was slated to receive Ice Cream Sandwich in Q2 of 2012. That now seems unlikely, with LG Singapore answering a query on Facebook, stating it will be Q3 for the long awaited update.

If indeed this is true, it will be yet another bitter blow to owners of the device, which kicked off the dual-core age of Android smartphones. Q3 after all stretches through to September, by which time we'll have been through Google I/O, and very possibly seen the first mentions of the next version of Android. 

The big redeeming factor with the 2X in particular though, is it's hackability. My own device currently runs a very early build of CM9, and for all intents and purposes, it's pretty darn good. LG make fantastic hardware, it's such a shame to keep hearing stories such as this one. 

Source: LG SIngapore (Facebook) via Mobilesyrup


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butters619 says:

The designs LG has been putting out recently have really impressed me. They are pushing the boundaries on hardware and delivering it in a sexy package, yet they continue to fumble with software. For people who root/rom it is no big deal, but to the average consumer it's a major drawback.

Spartoi says:

LG is copying Samsung's designs (specifically the Galaxy S2).

rafa6571 says:

Nothing surprises me from LG.

Lg sucks rotten eggs plain and simple. Useless just useless.

Two words: T-Mobile G2X "shivers"

rizzman says:

Wow...what a shock! Lg just keeps sticking it to g2x owners. Glad I got rid of that pos two weeks ago for a gnex. No more waiting for updates from lg. will never buy another lg smartphone again no matter what hardware it packs. Software makes or breaks a device. Just look at this phone. It could have been great if it was supported properly. Lg does not get that a midrange phone with proper software and support can run circles around a super phone with crapware. That is why an lg phone, no matter how great it's internals might be will still suck because of their support. Once it's out they move on to their next great phone and all is left on its own. That is why I always say , lg no more. All you g2x who are still stuck with crappy devices, I feel for you. I was there too.

Clak says:

Mind telling me where I could get the wallpaper on that phone?

It's the Mac OS X mountain lion one

Gearu says:

LG is just a shinier version of Sanyo.

Suntan says:

Seriously, you guys are bellyaching?... (...looks at Droid 3 which will never get ICS update...)


Mio888 says:

Guys LG LS970 is coming…

quad-core+LTE, 2GB ram,16GB internal+ camera 13mp and more.

check the picture out

Crispy says:

Android fragmentation at its finest.

Nit3m4re says:

The difference between Samsung and LG is that Samsung keeps on top of all the area's of the technology industry they're in, keeping everything up to date quite well. Where as LG.. not so much, which is a shame, but I can't help but feel they prioritise other electrical goods over their phones.

blueletter says:

up to date quite well huh? Tell that to owners of the Charge/Infuse, original Galaxy Tab and generally every US specific Galaxy S device. Personally I think it's a bit early to start praising them for timely updates.

smooth3006 says:

by the time these phones get ics, jellybean will be coming out. this cycle never ceases to amaze me.