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The LG Nexus (LG-E960) just keeps showing up in leaked images, this time over on the XDA forums. These new images give us a much better look at both the back and front of the device. The back plate, now seen in proper lighting, looks very similar to what we've just seen today on Sprint's model of the LG Optimus G over at CTIA MobileCON, and is much more understated than it seemed before. The front of the device continues to look reminiscent of the current Galaxy Nexus, but with a chrome-like bezel and different speaker grille at the top. The home screen and buttons all look as they should for a Nexus device -- stock and on-screen.

As far as specs go, the poster gives the following list:

  • CPU: quad core ARMv7 1.5GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Memory: 8GB (no SD slot)
  • GPU: Adreno 320
  • Android version: JellyBeanMR1
  • Kernel 3.4.0
  • Screen: 768x1184 (320 dpi)
  • Camera: 8 MP

This is all lining up with the previous leaks, including the anemic 8GB of internal, non expandable memory. The seemingly odd vertical resolution of 1184px can be explained by the on-screen buttons taking up some room, while the horizontal resolution of 768px fits previous leaks. With those resolution numbers and the reported DPI, we're looking at a device with about a 4.7-inch display.

The poster also points out that the phone seems to only support HSPA+ data access, not LTE, which fits with what we've found in the FCC filings. To clarify on previous posts, if this device were to be on sale with the same bands tested and confirmed by the FCC filing, it will work on both AT&T's and T-Mobile's HSPA+ networks.

Things just keep falling into place for the next Nexus device. We've got one more picture for you after the break.

Source: XDA Forums; Thanks, Mike!

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LG Nexus design shown off in two new pictures


Looks so similar to the Galaxy Nexus. I wonder if there will be any pushback because your upgrade looks like an old model? (iPhone/iPhone 4S syndrome)

As much as I want ignore it, it seems Google is really taking a page out of Apple's design cues - not changing much. If-it-ain't-broke mentality - but that would bring some much needed brand recognition if you think about it.

Now that you mention it, the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S didn't differ all that much in basic aesthetics either... hrm...

The physical aesthetics are the responsibility of the hardware manufacture. The Nexus S/Galaxy look like other Samsung phones from the time. the 1st two HTC Nexus phones.. looked like other HTC phones. This, for better or worse, is LG design. I was hoping for a Sony Nexus phone, the do make some sexy hardware.

This looks just like my OLD galaxy nexus but with a larger bezel on the top and especially the bottom. No thank you. Can't believe I have to pass on a nexus device. Please come back Samsung! Did I just say that?

Google is trying to sell everyone their services now so I don't think you're going to see a lot of storage or SD card slot on any of the future devices anytime soon.

I understand their business reasons for doing this but I have two big problems with this decision. 1. I live in a rural area, and even though I have 4G at my house many of the roads that I travel don't have cell phone signal at all on parts of them. When I travel these roads is when I want content on my phone the most... music and movies for the kids while we're traveling... but I can't download this content when I don't have a signal or store it when I don't have enough storage. 2. I don't have unlimited data anymore... since these Nexus devices don't have much storage you will have to download content over 3G/4G more and with this limited data downloading all this HD content over 3G/4G is going to become too costly. It's going to be difficult for Google to push their services to phones when they don't offer enough storage and major carriers are only offering limited data.

Excellent point which is exactly why it's crap. I use Google Drive and other cloud storage providers all the time, but to depend on it this much is ridiculous. What am I and others suppose to do in an area with spotty coverage and no wifi? I want to be able to access a certain amount of data on my device always. For tablets I can understand, but not a smartphone.

If they were trying to figure a way to be sure I wouldn't buy the phone, sticking 8GB of non expandable storage did the trick. What are these guys smoking? I know they are accused of copying Apple, and their one size fits all, have to buy a new one if you want more just proves they are.

Google is trying to implement Google Drive and wants it mainstream trying to make people use it more. That's why they are releasing devices with minimal storage, this years new chrome book was 16gb only, then the N7 tabs were 8/16gb, and now it seems they will be doing the same with the nexus phones. It looks like this will be the norm for devices for a while, memory cards aren't that expensive, and this is why there is no sd slot either.

Yes, and that's what I like to call "A Bad Idea". With providers cutting unlimited data, if you're not on WiFi all the time using the cloud for everything just won't work. For those of us that are still grandfathered in, 16GB MAY be ok (though I would have to get rid of all my local music, and just stream everything). 8GB though is completely unrealistic though.

It HAS to be some type of joke spec to throw us off. I refuse to believe a 2012 nexus device has half the storage of last year's model.

Exactly, I just keep hoping it's a mistake/joke.

There's zero chance of me buying a phone w/o a micro sd slot, zero.
I don't care how bad ass it is, it's a horrible idea. I have a 64gb card in my Rezound, and only about 12gb available on it, if I can't take that card and put it in my next phone, then it wont be my next phone. The longer I own this phone, the worse the new arrivals look. I'm just not seeing much improvement in the newest offerings over what I've owned for a year and a half.

I really hope this is a cruel joke right now, in my mind it would be a huge step backwards to be reducing the phones capabilities and crippling the device to the point where I literally couldn't do something with it that I do everyday right now.

This isn't a retail device, just a testing prototype. Chances are they will bump up the internal memory for the devices they actually plan to sell.

No LTE? 8G of internal storage? That is pathetic. Being some phones are starting to come out with 64G of internal storage and almost every phone has LTE why go backwards? It was bad enough the last Nexus came with lower end specs. Here we have another that is even worse. Glad I gave up my Gnex for the GS3. the GS3 is very much a better phone.

If it was slightly smaller, yes, I'd agree. Especially once you get Cyanogen 10 on it. Now if only the bluetooth would work in my car. That pretty much is the only reason I continue to use my year old Galaxy Nexus.

The Galaxy Nexus didn't come out with lower end specs. The specs were high at the time of release. And of course the GS3 is better, it was released over 6 months later.....

Anyway, I agree the lack of storage and LTE is annoying assuming this is the only model but if I were to guess though, this would be so they can sell it GSM unlocked in the play store and at a low price like the Galaxy Nexus currently is. I'm also hopeful that there is an option for bigger storage, though at a higher cost.

This phone would be fantastic for the cost if they are able to put it out unlocked for the $350 the Galaxy Nexus currently costs.

Basically we shouldn't jump to conclusions when this could simply be the international unlocked, cheaper version and another variant with bigger storage and/or LTE is still possible.

Uhh trust me when the Galaxy Nexus debuted it had mid-sort of high specs.. The ti omap processor was already eclipsed by a newer model as well as competing procs such as exynos and tegra 3. The camera was also ripped on. Badly. By the community no less. Add the glitches/ lag and it wasn't a stellar launch...HOWEVER when Jellybean came out most of these problems vanished considering the O.S was optimized (project butter). I have talked to alot of people who had Gnexus' and they said the usability of it increased DRAMATICALLY. Now on to topic:

Yeah I agree completely. The ONE problem i have is storage. Generally I have found internal batteries to last longer than external (quality i guess?) and the lte will probably be included in cdma builds so theres that. But the storage is the one thing i cant stand. Seriously I want to upgrade to my first Nexus device before December but having 8-16 gb won't cut it for me. I bought a 32 gig card for a reason- being i like to listen to alot of music, and watch hd movies. If anything I will just suck it up and get the Optimus G and root it. But I'm hoping that Google will expand the storage on this. Just do that Google and you have a BEHEMOTH on your hands.

Scream at the carriers for using 10 million different, incompatible bands for LTE instead of Google/LG who would have to put out 10 million different variants to support it.

If I'm not mistaken don't each of the carriers use their own specific freq range for LTE? I do not recall hearing that each used multiple bands for their devices. With that being said they would have to all use different freq ranges for access to their towers and no interference.

That is what I meant. The problem is every carrier uses a different frequency. So to make it work in an open phone like the Nexus, Google would have to play favorites or release many different versions of the same phone which would cause problems seeing as this is meant to be a developer device.

How many versions of the GS3 are there? Does not seem to be an issue with many variations of that. All in all having multiple variations to cover more than a few carriers has its drawbacks but it does allow for more coverage of the device. Its really not had to slap a different radio in the device seeing as how they are producing them for carrier specific products anyway.

Take a closer look... there's three versions of the iPhone 5. One for each major US carrier. Other carriers are stuck on HSPA/CDMA 3G.

No there isn't. There are only two iPhone 5s all over the world, A1428 and A1429. Google already makes a GSM Nexus and a CDMA Nexus. Give them all the same radios and make two different LTE devices.

Not to get too "iMore" on you guys, but there are actually 3 base models of the iPhone 5, encompassed in 2 physically different hardware models.

One CDMA model works on Verizon and Sprint's 3G and LTE networks in the US, and has LTE support for the popular bands in Europe and Asia as well. It doesn't support AT&T's LTE.

Two GSM models, one for North America with LTE frequencies for the Canadian carriers and AT&T in the US, and another with the common LTE frequencies for Europe and Asia.

Exactly. Two different hardware models and that's all that matters. There's no difference between the CDMA model and one of the GSM models other than the CDMA hardware in the GSM iPhone being disabled with software. Apple only has to make two different iPhone 5's.

If you check Apple's website, you'll see they list three different models, yet two have the same model number. This is because the GSM models have CDMA disabled since CDMA carriers will not activate them on their networks (all GSM iPhones have CDMA hardware built in, just disabled). Why would Apple list the GSM phone as having CDMA radios when it's not possible for you to use them? They only list the specs for each device that you'll actually be able to use with that device.

1. GSM model A1428
2. CDMA model A1429
2. GSM model A1429

Again, on the iPhone 5's specs page, Apple lists three different models, but two of them have the same model number. And if you go to their Identifying iPhone models web page ( you'll see there are only two different models.

If Google followed Apple's example with the iPhone 5, they'd only have to make two different hardware models, just like they already do now.

pls note:

The GSM Version. LTE is working in one country only. In Germany. And there, you have to be a customer of T-Mobile (Telekom). you cant use LTE in the rest of the european union.

No, there are three. Couple people have told you already but different sku's equal different models. Deal with it.

Well if you're going by SKU, then you're still wrong because there would be a lot more than three. Having two different colors and three different storage sizes make six different SKUs alone.

Since color and storage size have nothing to do with what area and network it runs on, it's not a factor.

Thats issue that always been in mobile phones. Both GSM and UMTS (3G) also have diffrent bands and not all phones support them all.

The iPhone 5 have 3 variant of their phone, and it covers all north American LTE and some Europe LTE band with good CDMA and GSM 3G band on board. If apple can pull it off, LG can do it do, the radios on iPhone are made by Qualcomm after all.

Why are people beefing over the LTE? This is clearly the GooglePlay GSM version. Nexus phones will make it to the CDMA carriers. And for what its worth HSPA+ is godly fast as it is TBH.

Still can't warm up to the thought of this thing. I hope HTC will show its rumored and mythical 5incher soon, then I'll decide whether this is a contender for my next phone.

Oh Google. I like how the hardware looks more high end but you lost me with 8 Gigs and non removable storage. I mean really Google?? I get the whole using the cloud thing but what Google and other companies (like HTC) don't realize is that Data caps are lowering and price for Data isn't as cheap as it use to be. It's bad enough companies like Verizon and At&t are raping us but you guys are definitely making it easier with crap like this. There is 64 gig storage now, Use it!!!!

I see for some people that point of view works, but for others (who travel alot on planesl, who don't have unlimited data or access to steady Wifi, work or live in bad signal areas, etc) cloud just is not a good solution.

Pushing people to use cloud vs internal storage seems to go against the whole ethos of Android, which to me has always been "have it your way". Telling people, "you should be doing it this way instead" seems more like the ethos Apple puts out there. That is why some of Google's current moves towards pushing people to the cloud seems strange to me, since it's not a viable solution for all. I guess that means a Nexus isn't the right phone for those of us who cant' / don't want to use the cloud, but it is odd that Google is removing choice from it's flagship device, whereas Apple does give you choice on various storage amounts.

Not directed at you in particular, just a random observation off your comment on cloud usage.

You can still "have it your way" if you want. There are countless Android devices with larger internal storage and removable SDcards.

But not if you want a Nexus. Unless Google is making a conscious decision not to be competitive against their partners with their Nexus phones, it's an odd design choice.

But you are right, we have other options to buy, just not for the 'pure' Google experience.

And that's the tradeoff you'll have to make. Everyone has a list of "must haves", with different priorities, and they will choose what's more important to them. If an SDcard is more important than stock Android and timely updates, then you can make that choice.

I agree, so why not make a phone that appeals to the most people, vs one that is so limited that many people take a pass? By making internal space so limited, when it could easily be increased to satisfy a greater number of potential buyers? This seems like it hobbles the phone at launch with no user ability to upgrade...why??

When has google ever been about having it your way? Chrome on the pc has that horrible interface that is locked down unless you want to spend 5 hours trying to find extensions that make it useable. I don't use all of google's services, but every one I have used seems to try to really push you into doing things a specific way. Fortunately with android being open it's available for other companies giving choices with it, but the stuff google controls want you to do it their way. It's why I never have and likely never will buy a nexus device

Is it just me or is the device shaping up to be a little lackluster? Absence of LTE, which even the current Nexus has. Unacceptable. Miniscule storage. I understand the push to cloud, but with the OS and wonderful games coming out on Play, 8GB is nothing. I know, I own a Nexus 7 8GB. Android will probably continue to grow in disk size so this could become a real problem.

The only advantage I see to the LG Nexus versus any other Optimus G is the Vanilla Android, first-to-update feature. It's extremely important but there are so many hurdles that it almost makes it not worth it, particularly if there's good ROM support for the Optimus G.

I can only hope that the rumor of multiple Nexus devices this year holds true. As I see it, we have already had/seen 3. Nexus 7, Nexus Q and LG's Nexus. If the 5 devices is right maybe we'll see two more.

We don't even kow the full details yet, this is just a rumor pre-released device. If it uses S4 soc, it will be compatible with LTE. The international version likely wont have LTE, but if its released on Verizon or ATT like the Verizzon Galaxy Nexus, then it will likely have LTE.

But it just goes to show people believe anything they read.

The HTC One X+ with CM10 installed is looking better and better... My GNex will probably be my second phone to that. I can't believe we are getting some LG crap with 8gb...

What a waste. Wth Google, get with the picture. Your starting to act like Apple, we'll tell you what you want. We need storage, cloud based streaming isn't gonna cut it. I'm using currently 29 GB on my gnex, wondering what I will need to delete when I need more space. Ugh! Give us removable batteries and SD card slots. This is a no go for me.

Exactly! Seems odd that Google, who has driven success by giving more choice than Apple, in some ways is dictating how they think we should use our phones, which seems more like an Apple strategy.

Course, we always have the choice not to go Nexus. :)

Awesome screen, awesome CPU/GPU, terrible everything else. Seriously - at this point you have to expect AT LEAST 32GB.

if this is indeed a nexus phone plz answer this one question for me. why does it have withGoogle instead of Google on the back cover? hmmm..... interesting isnt it?

8GB iPhone, on "sale" ($0 w/ 2-year) on 3 major carriers for at least the next 11 months:

Apple also sold the 8GB iPod touch until the new ones starting shipping today.

Well simply because its a LG device put me off never really liked any device they've made. I'll hang on to my gnex.

It's a mock up of something, isn't the final product. Relax...this stuff will change 10 more times, at least, between now and November. Let Google get it out before you shit on it.

i agree. the phone is still in development. wait until google/lg officially announces the device. thats when we will get the official specs. and im sure even after the announcement, stuff will change (hopefully for the good)

I would have to agree. Is it possible everything hasn't been included in the test builds of the devices? Obviously we're not going to get expandable memory, the battery may not be removable, but Google is far from stupid. Let's wait and see the final specs once it's announced, then let's take out the pitchforks and shrouds.

Nexus devices don't say "with Google" on the back, just "Google". That's for devices with stock Android, but updates still come through OEM/Carrier.

Pass on this piece of junk. After the software you are left with about 5GB of memory. That is pathetic. Cheaping out on int memory is ridiculous I don't care how you try to spin it. It costs pennies to input descent amount of memory (32GB minimum) anything less then that without sd card is a complete fail IMO. They put other great specs on the phone but leave out what I think is the most important part of a good phone, memory.
Why can't anyone make a phone with all the bells and whistles? It is really not that freaken difficult. Today's customer wants a great device with great specs. Why all this nickel and dime bull shit. Build a freaken phone that has it all and quit the bull shit. 8GB of pathetic memory is a fu----- joke.

With Jelly Bean coming out for the GS3, I may just be keeping it. I've been debating selling my GS3 if the new Nexus was up to snuff, but it ain't lookin' good.

I don't care about LTE (what do I need 50mbps down on a phone for, anyway?), nor in principle about removable storage, but 8GB is not enough internal storage even if it /had/ an SD slot. I /might/ go for 16, but they should make at /least/ 32 available. That said, I'm having difficulty believing that 8GB will be the only choice.

I /can/ believe that they're offering an 8GB /option/, like with the Nexus 7, but since they're already talking about releasing a 32GB tablet (which uses WiFi, which means fast, unlimited data and is therefore better suited to pulling media from the cloud), the idea that they would offer only 8GB on a phone sounds incredible to me. I think we will see at least 16GB announced alongside the 8 (if the final product does indeed have a low-cost option for 8), and probably a 32GB as well.

There will be inevitably a 16 GB version, and I think that would be enough for me. But no LTE would be a deal breaker. We'll see...

I LOVE MY GALAXY S 3 96gb.....This is the most pathetic phone is history...hell even an iphone is better than least Apple gives you storage choices of 16,32, & 64gb. And NO REMOVABLE BATTERY.....COMPLETE UTTER FAILURE

I hope this is all just misdirection and the real new nexus is a Galaxy Nexus 2. I know its prolly not but I can hope can't I. Non removable battery? Owch. I would bet people who own a nexus use it as much or more than any other phone out there. I'm surprized they don't come with 4000mah batteries.

Look, they released the Nexus 7 with 8 and 16gb models, and now they're about to release a 32gb model. Google may want to push the cloud, but they're not stupid. And if you look at the previous article about what we know about the LG Nexus, Alex said, "8GB and 16GB versions only (at least initially)". I really don't think we have much to worry about, and I also think this will be my next phone B-)

Well we know for a fact that this specific model does not have LTE.

As for the potential of other models, we've yet to hear anything.

I can tolerate 8gb storage
I can tolerate no sd card
I can tolerate any carrier they want to put it on
But if there is no LTE model, heads will roll

People you have to understand that google will not give their employees more than 8gb, just like they did with the N7 at the key note in june.......This doesn't mean that this phone won't come in 16/32 gb and it doesn't mean that it will come in with 8gb either

Anything under 32 GBs without SD card is a NO SALE. I get buy with my 16 GB Gnex but have to watch my storage all the time. And some of the newer games coming out are Huge. 8GBs. Don't make me laugh.

This sounds exactly like Apple pushing the elimination of flash WAY before they should have. Yes, we're heading in a direction where one day flash won't exist, just as one day everything really will be stored on the cloud, but that day is NOT today and Google needs to stop pretending it is. Truly indefensible.

You know, I have to laugh about all the vitriol I'm seeing in these posts. None of the posters know whether this is the final revision of the hardware or simply one version of the eventual Nexus. For all you know, Google/LG could be planning on selling 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB models at $299/$349, $349/$399, and $399/$449. In short: calm down, people.

Everyone, just calm down. This is pre release hardware,meaning that none of these specs are official yet. Plus, even if google does make an 8gb version, it's not like you are forced to buy that version. I'm sure they will also make a 16 and 32gb version. So, just quit complaining about some unofficial specs that this one random xda member told us, and actually enjoy the leaks! On the bright side, i think that google did the right thing by leaving the front the same and changing the design of the back. The front of the gnex, IMO looks better than any other phone out there, while the back is very ugly. It may not be a super hardcore update, but at least google is fixing everything that was bad about the gnex.

This device is a tech lovers delight. The software and hardware will be perfect. The device doesn't need to have mind blowing specs to work wonderfully well. This phone will show other Android devices what they cant do actually. I think it is already out on gizmotakeout for 19 $ or so.

how much extra $ does it cost manufacturers to add an extra 16GB or 32GB during
the manufacturing process? It can't be more than a few dollars, right?

Exactly. Since it only costs a few dollars to add storage, Google will obviously add a 32GB or even 64GB option.

8gb is pretty weak, but honestly that's only about how much space I use and large storage capacity means nothing to me. I guess I'm in the minority on this board, but I think that most people with 32gb phones only use about 1/4 of that. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a 32gb model, but hopefully they don't pull an Apple and charge a ridiculous premium for storage space, we all know it's dirt cheap.

i hate LG phones so I would never buy this one. They have no creativity when it comes to their design concepts. 8 gig of storage??? Fail!!!

The really cool thing about this device is...meh.

I'll keep my EVO LTE, even with little to no LTE.

>"Memory: 8GB (no SD slot)"

No, that is *STORAGE*, not memory. It has 2GB of memory.

And 8GB of storage on a "superphone" and WITHOUT an SD slot is absolutely horrible. So horrible, I would think the designers are complete idiots. There is zero market for such a device, so why make multiple versions with different storage capacities?

"With Google" labeling also implies it is not a Nexus; of course, this could just be a mockup.

I think you guys need to calm down a bit, there is no way the next Nexus will ship without LTE. I'm sorry but 8 GB, no LTE, sounds like a bunch of BS! Remember this isn't ACS confirming the specs from Google. I'm sure they have gone through the pics checking for errors being photoshoped, maybe it's just the angle the pic was taken, but to me it looks like one of the corners on the back camera that sticks out is cut off a little. like I said it could be angle, scratched off, or maybe I am looking to hard. Either way we don't have word from Google yet and until we do I'll keep a open mind.

Come on, give me at least a GSM variant with North American LTE band. 8GB on-board storage with NO SD card is like three steps backwards.

8 gigs of storage = instafail!

Don't really care about LTE since I'm still on HSPA+ on the Galaxy Nexus and it's working just fine for me. But 8 gigs is simply pathetic! I have almost 12 gigs of music alone on my Gnex and I still have to delete stuff all the time because even 16 gigs is not enough!

I downloaded the new Batman TDKR game. It was 1.8GB. That's 22.5% of this phone's internal storage. Unless I'm missing something, 8GB storage is hardly workable, especially considering apps are growing in size. Can't store all my APKs in the cloud.

Calm down Android lovers. You guys are ready to start a war against Google the very second things don't go exactly your way. The storage spec listed is *highly* unlikely. I would almost bet my life on that. The Nexus 7's storage was a special situation. They had a goal/strategy in mind for that one; and the for it's price, it was more than acceptable. That was the first genuine, purely Android tablet, and they wanted to establish themselves in that game. They were arguably pretty successful in getting it into people's hands.
Nexus smartphones are an established brand. Regardless of the fringe belief that Google is trying to push people into cloud storage, it is not true. People are happy to put 25,000 songs into Google Music regardless of the storage space on their devices-because it's *free*, and it is a backup of their collection which they can access anywhere. Nobody needs pushing into that. I know conspiracy theories make life interesting; but no matter how many times people repeat them, they are usually no more true than the first time they were spoken.
16 GBs will be the smallest they go, unless there is another pricing strategy they have in mind, which is still incredibly unlikely. I tend to lean towards a unified 32GB line, but 16 certainly could happen. Don't forget, they want you to buy lots of apps, games, etc; stuff they can make some actual money on. The operating system as a whole, G-apps, and their capabilities are only growing. That's a fact. 8 GBs is perfect for their engineers to test the platform on, do some stress testing with a bunch of midsized apps installed at once, and that kind of thing-- but they(Google) know that people are still going to want at least what they had on their past Nexus phones.
If I were some of you, I'd seriously just relax, and not have a heart-attack before the phone the even comes out--much less has an *official* announcement. And as the other people with some perspective pointed out: if this were to be true, nobody is forcing you to buy this. There are more devices; and certainly there is more to life, right?

Nex 7 storage was a TOTAL FAIL. And this most likely is too. I'll be enjoying my 32 + 64 on my GS3. I will never buy these gimped devices with truly unacceptable storage fails.

Great to see Google has learned exactly nothing after a year of people bitching about the Gnex's 32GB of non-expandable storage. They learned it so well that they are doing it again, only this time with a quarter of the storage space. Brilliant.

Not a chance I am buying this one (if these specs turn out to be accurate). I will wait to see if more Nexus phones show..but it may be Galaxy Note 2 time. I can enjoy the stock Android experience on my Nexus 7.

The amount of bitching is always percieved as greater by those who are constantly doing the bitching.
Whether you realize it or not, Google is doing you a favor by taking out SD slots for now. People's app data gets split and fragmented on the external card without them ever realizing it, eventually corrupting their data, which then gets blamed on Android as a whole. SD cards can really slow a device down, kill the battery faster, and many other unintended consequences.

Quality control, in that respect has done the iPhone very well. You have other choices for external storage support, and you can't get mad at a company for protecting the integrity of their product. It's not always about you, man. Phones aren't meant to carry every single movie and CD you've ever owned. There are all kinds of solutions to these things, but you just refuse to acknowledge it. Standards have to be set sometimes; not just for you, but for the greater good of everyone. There's always other Android phones, as well as Nokia, BlackBerry, etc.. Believe it or not, expandable storage is not the main feature of a device--far from it.


"Google is doing you a favor by taking out SD slots for now"

That is perhaps the dumbest statement I have read on androidcentral. Bravo. You, sir, get a -10.

Oh, I didn't know we were dealing in "points" now..
-10 for you then. You obviously never took the time to look into the reasoning behind this, so it will not be possible to have a rational conversation about it.
I'm not the one about to die over it..especially because it's not even *confirmed*.
Don't let things like facts get in the way of your anger.

Wow the amount of stupidity here is appalling. Everything is yet to be confirmed by either LG or Google. It only means nothing yet is final. The leaked device might have 8 GB only but that doesn't mean that a 16/32/64GB won't be made available. I assume the US variants will have LTE.

Although don't expect that it will have an expandable memory because Google said it themselves that using internal flash memory is faster, more secure and less problematic compared to having an expandable memory.

Besides cloud storage is everywhere now. Some are free and ridiculously cheap :)

I figured if this thing has already passed the FCC with only HSPA bands then it will not have LTE at release. Unless they file another FCC document. Not sure how the process works though.

Why they change Optimus G design. Whats the point of LG nexus if it looks like Samsung? Optimus G looks better.

I personally will not be buying this because I am happy with my S3. Like people have said, what you see here might or might not be the final version so until you see the final specs with release date, I'd calm down before you have a heart attack. Google might surprise you. Wouldn't it be funny if they released a 128GB version right off the bat? I think it would. The only thing that concerns me is the lack of SD expansion. Use my sd card soley for pic and video storage I take with the phones camera so no sd expansion, no buy. Guess I'm not buying any nexus device either now or in the future.

While I would absolutely love a 120GB model, but it'd be insanely expensive, and nobody will do that yet because of what they'd have to charge. I do think it's very likely, almost inevitable, that a 64GB model will be released though. NAND flash is getting much cheaper because of smart-device popularity, but we're not quite there yet. In the next year or two, 128GB will almost certainly be feasible, and it could be reasonably priced. Even if it was near reasonable enough now, Google doesn't have enough sure buyers to buy a bulk amount of storage like that. One can dream though, right?
While I am an advocate for leaving it out, I completely understand that some would like an SD slot, and that it will be a deal-breaker. I would like to thank you having a calm and rational attitude about this, and for not joining a riot based on this leak. Me personally, I agree with others that wouldn't buy it at only 8GB. It would probably have to have at least 32 for me to consider this one. 8GBs is not enough for a lot of people; 16 is questionable; 32 is perfect for the majority--me included; 64 and they've got a 100% sure purchase from me and many others on the fence.
I would be disappointed if it only has 8 too, and I definitely wouldn't buy it. I will NOT have "blind rage", and hate Google forever for it though, lol. I love the 32GB Galaxy Nexus model; it has been nothing but powerful and reliable for me, and I'll gladly stick with it if this is the real thing.
Whatever it turns out to be, every company has their reasons for making a decision, just as an actual person does. They're allowed to decide how to make it, and we're allowed to decide if we want to buy it. The Android world has so many potential choices, and I love it for that.
Can't wait to try 4.2 on my Galaxy Nexus. My computer is compiling it right now--and just the ability to do that is what I love most about this platform.

8 GB non-expandable memory = me not buying a Nexus phone.

That REALLY ticks me off, because I really WANT a Nexus phone. However, if the memory is non-expandable (which is lame, sorry Google), I need a minimum of 16 GB and would prefer 32.

I've been waiting for the newest Nexus to show up, but meh... I'm going to drop Verizon tomorrow and switch to Straight Talk. I'm too impatient to wait for this phone, I'm thinking I'll pick up a Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store in the meantime. We'll see if this actually turns out to be worth the upgrade when it launches. If they do release a 16GB or 32GB model, then I'm sold, but 8GB just isn't enough for me, even though I stream most of my content. Maybe I'll wait and see what other manufacturers come up with Nexus devices in the near future.

On Verizon, I've had the HTC Eris, the OG Droid, Droid 2, Droid Charge, HTC Thunderbolt, Droid X, and the Galaxy Nexus. I'm not loyal to any specific brand, so I'd give LG a shot. The Galaxy Nexus is the only phone I've ever considered keeping long term, it's hands down the best Android phone I've ever used. Coincidentally, the Samsung Charge is the worst phone I've ever had. Gah... I'm so conflicted. Can't we just have a Galaxy Nexus 2 already?!

I still want to see a Motorola Nexus, myself. Though, I'm fairly sure Google is afraid to do that because it'll look like they're playing favorites. Lame.

Might be "lame", but for the sake of the whole Android Ecosystem, they can't be ticking off their major business partners. Having strong business relationships is what will keep Android a major force in the mobile market, and is what will keep manufacturers from jumping on other upcoming open-souce bandwagons.
Other major players have been taking notes on the success of Android, and they'll be looking to recruit the most vulnerable manufacturers who feel overlooked/underappreciated by Google, ready to make them an offer they can't refuse.
Similar to a situation where a girl feels mistreated by her boyfriend; they will be that sleazy dude just waiting to swoop in and "give her the love that she deserves", lol. ;-)

8GB Of storage Unaccepatable...16GB should be standard for non storage Nexus Phones , 32GB would be heaven lol

Non-starter for me at 8GB as well (ridiculous). The main reason I'd replace my current Galaxy Nexus is I'm constantly butting up against the 16 GB ceiling - my next device will have a minimum of 32 GB and if possible SD expansion (one of the reasons the Sony Xperia T is looking good to me). I'd get a 64GB One X+ if it was pentaband.

For what its worth I do not believe the next Nexus would be "only" available with 8MB - if there is an 8MB it would be the "budget" model.

mmm mmm mmm look at all that supple plastic. All bedazzled and what not. It oooooooooozes quali-taaay SWEET!