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The LG Nexus 4 has been extensively leaked over the past few weeks. We've seen the front, back, sides and even taken a sneaky peek at the phone's internals. Nevertheless, the phone is still officially unannounced, pending a Google event in New York City on Oct. 29.

Today LG's broken its silence on the device, according to reports from Indian news site IBNLive. The site reports that Amit Gujral, Head of Mobile Product Planning for LG India confirmed the device's existence in an interview at an Optimus Vu launch event. "Google will unveil the LG Nexus on October 29 and the phone will be available in the Indian markets by the end of November," Gurjal is reported as saying. He also apparently spilled the beans on the device's hardware, confirming reports of a 4.7-inch display, a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU (presumably a Snapdragon S4) and Android 4.2.

The "LG Nexus," as Gurjal calls it, will be available in India by the end of November, following an unveiling by Google on Oct. 29. That means other territories will likely get the device even earlier in the month. We're not sure this official confirmation was supposed to slip through the net, but in any case, it's one more piece of the 2012 Nexus puzzle. We'll be live from New York City next Tuesday to bring you all the Nexus announcements as they happen!

Source: IBNLive

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holla!this will be legit, although I am not sure how much better it will be than my galaxy nexus...

S_C_B says:

I agree. While I love having the newest phone, I don't know how much better this will be compared to my Galaxy Nexus.

If it has a better speaker, camera and an RGB screen, I'm sold :)

zodhyoz says:

I am a Galaxy Nexus owner too and I love how LG keeps this design. It looks just like GNex, refined. However, we need bigger memory nowadays. 16, 32 or 64 gb choices would be better depends on what consumer needs. I believe nothing about cloud storage, especially if we travel a lot.

S_C_B says:

Cloud storage is awesome.

n0obpr0 says:

Not to everybody

vinny jr says:

Big Nexus fan but if it is released without adequate storage which IMO is 32gb or more then I will pass. The Note 2 is the best device in 2012-2013. I will not by a phone without interior storage. The cloud is great until you are out of range or used your data allowed. Nope, interior storage is mandatory.

greasyspoon says:

Exactly, if it doesn't have LTE, how is it better than Galaxy Nexus? Especially at $349?

Ok, so what if all this have been a red Herring? What if on the 29th they actually announce:
- 3 new Nexus phones: LG, Samsung, and HTC (ok, the last one is a bit of a stretch)?
- A $349 10 inch tablet? Add $130 for cellular.
- New 7 inch storage and prices: 32 gig for $249, 16 gig for $179 and 8 gig for $99

How much money would you spend?

chronophilos says:

While I appreciate efforts to improve the internals and the display, the one feature that will make me upgrade from my GNex will be a significantly better battery life.

machwh says:

A poll I saw recently said that a lot of people agree with you (as do I :-)


Does amoled suck the battery that much?

Ryuuie says:

Yes. If your wallpaper and apps don't have a dark or pure black screen, expect pretty crappy battery life.

It happens on ALL OLED screens for mobile, not just Samsung's AMOLED.

Black = the LED is switched off to give as deep a black as possible.

Any other color means it's turned on. White is the worst color as the LED is turned on all the way.

Oh, OLED is known for burn-in as well. Some GNex owners have burn-in from the on-screen buttons after a while.

Yea this isn't really enough to make me want to upgrade. My next phone has to be equal to or better the spec's of the HTC butterfly. Anything else isn't worth it.

locklogic says:

Tuesday? You might be a day late for the event haha

moosc says:

32gb or bust. my gnexus will b just fine.

Stychill says:

i wish it had a 32gb option, or at least a micro sd card slot, but i highly doubt it will happen

davemacd says:

If you're live next Tuesday, you're going to miss the event! Oct 29 is a Monday.

teslapod says:

Can anyone confirm LTE? No LTE would be the deal breaker for me.

BizzyGeek says:

No LTE, Tri-Band GSM only, at least on the version that already went through the FCC. If there's another variant packing CDMA or LTE, there's been no evidence of it to date. Based on the Play Store Nexus sales strategy I doubt we're going to be seeing any Sprint/VZW Nexus devices for the foreseeable future.

teslapod says:

Jets lose in overtime and now no LTE on the Nexus 4. What a depressing week.

Kid1da says:

Im ready and waiting for Google to take my money.

fort says:

My GN has been in Samsung shop for a month. There warranty on page 49 line fine states "Samsung will repair or replace" when I asked for a replacement I was told Samsung does not replace. So I'm still waiting for my GN back. SAMSUNG SUCKS!

Feel for you. Samsung denied a GPS issue with my fascinate. Never again Samsung

rumthin says:

Please offer a 32gb Nexus 4!

VoltaicShock says:

Don't you mean next Monday? If you are there on Tuesday you will miss the event.

IceDree says:

Bravo Amit Gujral , Bravo ! You just ruined it for Google ! FAIL

mzanette says:

A quad core processor with the Adreno 320 GPU and people can honestly say this isn't much better than the Galaxy Nexus? Oh and 2GB of RAM. C'mon guys I realize some people hate LG but at least give this phone it's due respect.

Ziptied says:

When if 32g comes to market I do not know, but I do know there are 32g devices in the office

btw got new rumours on gsmarena that Amit Gujral also told the reporters that the internal memory will be from 8Gb to 16Gb plus expandable through micro sd card slot..yeah u heard that Micro sd slot will be available on guys u will be able to expand ur memery..relieved to hear that..

mzanette says:

I'll believe the expandable memory when I see it.

mzanette says:

Just read the post on gsmarena. It says " 8 GB to 16 GB of storage EXCLUDING a microSD card slot". That sounds to me like "no microSD slot"

icu says:

Pretty sure that if the name is confirmed that we can expect to not see any more Nexus phones for the time being. How do you release the Nexus 4 and then another Nexus - what do you call it?

I'll be excited to see their presentation. This next few weeks is like the nerd playoffs.

mzanette says:

The "LG Nexus," as Gurjal calls it. I didn't see him refer to it as the "LG Nexus 4" unless the article is mistaken. If it's just called the "LG Nexus" then all bets are off and there may be more Nexii coming.

You're right though, it is like the nerd playoffs in the next few weeks with all the different events LOL

Android 4.2? What is that, key lime pie? Wasn't jelly bean just recently announced? I'm still waiting for that on my GS3

mugabuga says:

I'm pretty sure JB was announced last July at I/O.

Radelix says:

Ohh dear. I am waiting for the announcement before making my decision.

I love my Galaxy Nexus, I just wish the speaker was better, then it would be perfect!