LG homeBoy

Yes, that really is its name

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We have to confess the name is why we stopped to look at the LG homeBoy. Perhaps offering more hilarity in the west than LG's native Korea, the device itself is basically a large Bluetooth entertainment system for the LG G Pad 8.3. You dock and connect the tablet, then all sound from apps or music comes out through the actually pretty good sounding speakers on your homeBoy.

You can also connect your homeBoy to your TV and use it to mirror content to the screen while still retaining the sound through the devices speakers. It looks pretty good, has NFC and is personally tuned by a chap called Mark Levinson. But you'll still have to go into a store and ask if you can buy yourself a homeBoy. Thanks, LG!

LG homeBoy

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RaiderWill says:

What Up Homeboy!
Gotta Get One of these for my G-Pad 8.3!!!

TomW093 says:

Software wise, will this work with the GPE?

TheDu9du says:

Hope it is friendly for all devices. Everybody need a homeBoy in their living-room.

There are a lot of units like this that will connect to you're device.


TheDu9du says:

Yes. But only one called homeBoy

This is pretty cool, if I had an lg gpad I would definitely have another homeboy


droidify says:

So it docks inside the unit but then you have to plug it in? Why not design it to be a vertical dock so you just sit it down? Cables are ugly. I would still buy it if it is reasonably priced.

You have to plug it in with a cable? Meh... I thought it was like the iPad docks where you just plug it in... After looking at the picture I see its via USB, I think they went the cable connect route instead of direct connect because of durability.


kelayz says:

I'm sure it's hooked up that way so you can still use your tablet while the sound is coming through homeboy ya dig

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Analyss14 says:

I don't think it's an actual dock, in the sense that it has no connectors. I think the indentations are there to be used more as a stand.

Or it's possible that the tablet really is docked and the cable you see is just the connector for hooking it up to you tv to mirror cast.

Wobblin30 says:

Looks like a deskjet printer

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Analyss14 says:

I swear to God, that's what I thought it was at first.

TenshiNo says:

Same here.

jackwagon06 says:

They definitely didnt copy anyone on the name......

g8rzz187 says:

Would be nice if it was a landscape-oriented dock that you just slid the tablet into...no cables. For smartphones, too.

Gearu says:

Looks like the homeBoy can only hook up with a G (pad)

RaiderWill says:

Yes.. This puppy will come in BLACK as well...
Way To Go HomeBoy.