T-Mobile's already announced that its version of the LG G3 will be in stores on July 16, and today it goes up for preorder. It'll run you $598 off contract.

The G3, as you'll recall, quickly became one of the hottest phones of the year, being the first smartphone with a QHD display at a squint-inducing 2560x1440 resolution, spread out over 5.5 inches diagonally. The phone also sports the signature rear buttons, is powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor and sports a 13MP camera that's one of the better shooters available today.

Here's how our own Alex Dobie summed up the G3 in our official review:

The G3 is a fantastic Android phone for anyone, but its strengths make it a really great fit for smartphone enthusiasts — those who want the biggest screen, the highest-resolution display, and relatively niche features like wireless charging and a removable battery. It's not as outwardly alluring as many high-end rivals — and certainly not as refined as this year's high water mark for smartphone design, the HTC One M8 — but you can't argue with the hardware or the way LG's packaged it all together. This is a beast of a phone, one we can highly recommend.

Just a few more weeks to wait, folks.


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LG G3 up for preorder on T-Mobile for $598 off-contract


Checking the specs again it showed bands 2, 4, 7, and 17 -- ATT uses 2, 4, and 17 so I assume that means it will work.

You know what you are right seems like a win...now all we need to know is it the 32gb/3gb model or the 16gb/2gb model...The phone they list is not supposed to exist lol. Another thing i want to know is if the Wireless charging back from the european model will work with this phone

Actually, it's missing Band 12...that's T-Mobile's 700 MHz block. Big ouch, I hope that's a typo, otherwise this is NOT the phone to get for when they build out the 700 MHz coverage!

I'm pretty sure it's not a typo, it's only band 17 not 12. Which is the major reason I'm passing.
No major phones have been released with band 12 yet, since it's a relatively unused band at this point none are available yet. They plan to have band 12 phones available by the time they start deploying band 12 this fall/winter. I'm sticking with my N5 until I find a band 12 enabled phone I like.
Hopefully the N6 (Now that we have hope for that again) will include it.

It has all of AT&T's LTE bands, but it's missing one of their 3G / HSPA bands (850), so if you use this phone on AT&T, you may drop from LTE all the way down to 2G / Edge coverage in certain areas.

Some guy from T-Mobile USA said that they would have the 3/32 version. I blame this on some low level employee not fact checking.

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Just pre-ordered mine, and they said it was the 32GB version. I did not know about the 32gb / 2gb spec issue so I didnt ask about it on the phone. Also it's shipping on the 2nd according to customer service

Thank goodness Verizon makes us wait a bit longer so they can thoroughly test it, get their awesome apps added to it, and disable any features they know we don't need, as well as enhance the looks of the phone by placing their logo anywhere there might be some unsightly open space. /s

They have actually requested a special model from LG with larger bezels so they can cram a bigger logo on the front. That's why the Verizon model has been delayed.

Obviously the CEO would be able to answer since he could just ask some people working for him. Also, he would add some humor.

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Yes because, he would've jumped on Twitter longtime ago to beef AT&T if it was them that released streamed down spec device

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That's a good price assuming it is the 3 GB version. Then again, all I care about is getting 32 GB of storage, 3 GB isn't a deal breaker.

Someone else asked about frequencies, according to what XDA has found so far, it should. Then again, typically T-Mobile phones support AT&T frequencies. The reverse isn't true nearly as often.

The specs on the website don't match the release statements from LG. Shouldn't this phone have 3 GB RAM if it has 32 GB storage capacity?

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I just pre-ordered mine. Was told it was the 32 gb version and that it will ship on the 2nd. I'm excited, although upset I could not do the installments but whatever

Specs say LTE Bands 2,4,7,17. So you should be good to go on ATT there (other than Band 5).

HSPA is 1700/1900/2100. Looks like it's missing 850 MHz. Probably only get 2g in some places where LTE isn't available?

"Just a few more weeks to wait, folks."

Customer service told me that mine is shipping on July 2nd. So it's more like 1 more week...

Good thing i signed up for email alerts of when the phone would be available and found out here first. Doesn't matter, ordered with expedited shipping. And what's this? July 1st estimated shipping date? Oh please don't be an error!

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Actually, i lied July 1st DELIVERY DATE! Yeah, that can't be right :/

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I feel like something has changed because i finally got my email that is available to pre-order (like 2 hours after i ordered mine) and it said you can do payments which wasn't available when i ordered mine. Either t-mobile is really behind and is updating stuff after publishing it or they are really on top of it and these phones are going out in the next couple days.

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funny you should mention that, I actually called them back when I got that email because I was told I had to pay up front but of course would prefer installments. I was told by customer service that by pre-ordering you have to pay full price. If I wanted the phone on the installment plan, I would have to wait a couple months because the phone would be sold out.

The version sold by T-Mobile isn't unlocked. They'll unlock it once certain criteria are met.

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Feel most of the times the editors know less than we common folks. I guess they are spoiled by free phones and don't buy anything for full price so they know less than us.

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Pretty sure T-mobile branded phones aren't sold unlocked.

2 phones sold unlocked that I know of, iPhone at an apple store full price or Nexus 5 anywhere. All other phones 40 day service requirement.

HTC phones on HTC.com, Sony phones on Sony online and retail stores, moto on motorola online. Only useless Samsung and LG don't offer unlocked models directly in the US.

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I really don't know how the people here at Android Central continue to put the M8 above all other phones.
Spec to spec this phone beats the phone on every item.
Spec certainly aren't the only thing that matters, but this is one nice feeling phone with a 5.5 inch screen in the smallest form factor we've seen with tight bezels and a camera that blows the M8 out of the water.
Specs aren't the only thing that matters, but a metal case isn't the only thing that matters either.

Yea, I actually like the M8 as well, I think HTC did a good job on the phone, with the exception of the camera, which is the reason I don't own one but the phone looks great, performs well and feels good I give HTC props for it's phone and it's massive improvements to the Sense UI.
However, I think people seemed to be over enchanted with the metal case, it's nice and all. But I would say that the majority of users use a case, myself included and for us as long as the build of the phone is solid, materials doesn't matter all that much and the case of a user who normally uses a case, plastic is actually preferable as it's lighter.

Perceived build quality is a factor for smartphones, but not the only factor. It seems that once smartphones reached a certain level of hardware performance we switched to it being all about perceived build quality.
It's not really an improvement over the old obsession with specs, just transferring that obsession to build materials. In both cases, we needed more balance in how we rate phones.

My question is well the phone come with T mobile bloat out should I just wait for LG to have it available on their site

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T-Mobile typically doesn't have too much bloat and most of it can be disabled or uninstalled.

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I don't think they sell unlocked non carrier versions in their site. Have they done it for their earlier phones in US? I don't think so.

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Damn damn damn. Ditch my N5 for this or wait until later this year to see if they reveal a new Nexus. Decisions decisions.

(Someone will surely say do both :) )

Android L on N5 now or stay on KitKat for long time on G2?
Easy decision :)

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Are you kidding?
Did you know there are like 50 ROM/Kernel combos you can run with your N5 on top of L ?
It's the best device with the most custom support on XDA that has ever been created.
Stick with your N5 and you will find ENDLESS pleasure with very fast performance over on XDA.

Don't wait on the Nexus....

But I would also wait to see if the phone lags like the reviewers seem to think it does.

I would say hold out...on both

The Nexus 5 wasn't much of an upgrade from the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 4 wasn't much of an upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus so it's safe to say that the Nexus 6 won't be much of an upgrade from the Nexus 5 so the G3 would be the better upgrade.

Personally, I'm still waiting for a Moto X+1 announcement before I decide to buy the G3 or not. Aside from an unbeatable price, the Nexus 6 probably won't be too impressive that I'd want to upgrade from my Nexus 5.

And the Android L preview wasn't enough to convince me to stay on a stock Android device. It's nice, but the LG G3 has so much more to offer out of the box.

I completely disagree, 1080p vs 720p, LTE vs HSPA+, much better battery life and OIS camera.
I have the Nexus 5 and my fiance has the Nexus 4, so I use both on a regular basis.
The N5 may not be as flashy as some of the high end phones from manufacturers that sell for twice the price of the N5, but it's a great phone at a bargain price and those high end phones don't even outperform it with their added software bloat.
I'm waiting for the Nexus 6 and I'll pass the N5 to my fiance.
N4 will most likely become my work phone, right now I'm sporting an old HTC first that I picked up for less than $100 because I broke my work phone. It's usable but quite slow at this point.

N5 was a big upgrade over the N4.

As an owner of all three, I can safely say that this is false. The speed (processor), screen, camera, and battery life have been noticeably improved with each new Nexus, not to mention the addition of LTE in the 5.

The Nexus 5 wasn't a huge improvement over the 4 (and most definitely not in the battery department). Overall, the Nexus 5 was as much of an upgrade that iPhones tend to be every year.

I disagree. I get much better pictures from my Nexus 5 than from my Nexus 4, the screen is a lot sharper and has more accurate colors, and I usually get nearly 4 hours of screen on time per charge from my Nexus 5 vs around 2 hours screen on time from my Nexus 4. Mobile data is also MUCH faster on my Nexus 5 thanks to LTE. Scrolling in apps is smoother as well.

I've enjoyed LTE on my Nexus 4 long before the release of the Nexus 5 and my Nexus 4 (probably thanks to having unlocked LTE) had similar battery life to my Nexus 5. The LG G2 would have been a better phone to upgrade to, but I opted for the lower price and guaranteed developer support.

That's nice for you, but it doesn't help those who aren't on T-Mobile in the US or don't want to run an old radio + whatever other hacks are required to make that work.

And it's nice that you enjoyed your purchase. I enjoyed mine as well, but I can acknowledge that it's not a huge jump from the Nexus 4 that I previously owned, especially considering that my Nexus 4 was, as people like to say, "buttery smooth."

I thought my iPhone 4 was buttery smooth back in the day too, because it was the smoothest thing I had seen at the time, but when I go back and use it now, I realize that it actually wasn't very smooth at all compared to what we have now.

The difference between iOS and Android is that older Android phones that are blessed with modern OS updates perform better while older iPhone ALWAYS perform worse. Anytime there's an update to iOS, I hear more complaints from current owners than praise.

I've been stuck with an iPhone 4S for about a month now and there's no way this phone could have been released like this and been as popular as it is. I've used a low budget Windows phone that performs better. I'm not sure if it's fair to compare the Nexus 4 performance to a iPhone 4S, but the Nexus 4 or 5 and probably Galaxy Nexus (I don't own one of those to say from experience) all blow the iPhone 4S out of the water.

I understand your point and agree, but my iPhone 4 is a development device and thus has not been updated to iOS 6, 7, or 8. I use it to test apps on iOS 5. When iOS 5 first came out, I definitely thought it ran really well on iOS 5 and was very smooth. Now I don't think it runs well though, even after a factory reset, which leads me to believe I only thought it was smooth a few years ago because it was the smoothest thing I had seen at that time.

it has all the ATT radios. I have the G2 on Tmobile, and use it for ATT for the last 6 months. works perfectly. zero issues. I prefer Tmo phones over ATT phones, even with ATT

I agree, T-mobile phones are better as they usually have all of the T-mobile and AT&T bands.
AT&T phones usually have all of the hardware to support T-mobile, but they intentionally disable them in software to prevent users who switch from getting the best experience possible.

Of course whenever possible factory unlocked is the best option.

That's more than a little bit annoying. The Korean model gets a spare battery with a charger plus headphones and we get what? A late release date? Thanks, LG.

thats a really good price. I get my work tester late in the month but if I wanted this phone I would be on this deal

Woah. 600 bucks? I was expecting a higher price. I think I will keep rocking my N5... After running the L preview for a while, I have faith that I"ll be happy with the N5 for a while longer. At least happy enough to not drop 600 on a new phone... even if it is a great deal.

Yeah, I won't get bored with my Nexus 5 for at least the next few months thanks to Android L. However, a couple months after we have the final build of Android L, I might start to get bored. So I'm thinking the Nexus 5 should at least get me through until the end of the year.

So if I'm understanding this correctly if I buy this right now and I'm on AT&T them I can just use it no hassle needed?

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Depends. If AT&T uses the 850 MHz band for 3G in your area and not the 1900 MHz band, you would only get LTE and 2G with this phone. Also, you may need to get T-Mo to unlock this for you.

I'll wait until it hits eBay to save some $ on the tax. ;) no rush.

Winner of the OnePlus Storm of Invites contest thingy...

°Sony XPERIA Z2 white
°LG Optimus G Pro white
°LG Optimus L70 black

Why don't one of these news sites figure out about the 2/32 and actually report something useful?

If I remember the Internal Memo correctly, this is the 8 Gigs of Storage / 1 Gig of Ram entry level version @ $598.00.

I was told by a csr that it was the 32 gb model. Also when you go through the website you don't get to select 16 or 32 gb model. It was reported a while back that t-mobile would have the 32 version so I am assuming it's the only version they have.

But that's not the question. The page already says 32GB storage, but it also says 2GB RAM - so the question/concern is the RAM and whether they really mean 3GB or not, considering the only models we've known of thus far are 2GB/16GB and 3GB/32GB...

Really wish someone internally would confirm...

Regarding whether it is 3GB ram, according to a twitter post from @askdes (T-Mobile Sr. Product Guy and Tech Evangelist!) ... "3/32 - we're fixing that right now! Thanks!"

Also, from DES: PSA: #LGG3 pre-order on @TMobile is eligible for EIP & JUMP - sorry for any confusion - updating systems this afternoon to reflect this

I have the lg g pro, last year's model or is it before, anyway this has the, 5.5 screen, qi charging all that good stuff, so I hope the G3 will have the all that plus 3 Rom and higher rez

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For anyone interested, I pre-ordered yesterday with paying the full price up front. But was able to switch it to the installment plan today and still have it delivered on the 16th.

Has anyone seen this popping up in their local stores? Curious if they pushed this in sooner since the other carriers have it.