LG G3 to have a metal finish back, removable battery

Another day, another leak of the LG G3 — this time we're seeing a metal finish back and a removable battery, courtesy of Evleaks. We've seen a lot about the LG G3 over the past few weeks, though not so much of what's inside. Turns out there's a removable battery on the inside, which is a change up from the sealed battery of the LG G2 but dead on with that leak we provided last week. Additionally, it looks like the G3's pop-off back panel will have a metal finish to it, though it's possible it will be more of a looks-like-metal-but-really-is-plastic effect as LG was able to achieve with the LG G Flex.

Looking back at the previous leaks we can see traces of that brushed metal look on the white LG G3 that we've seen before. We didn't think much of it then, but it looks like the G3 is going to take a more textured route than its predecessor. Whether that means it will be less glossy than before, and maybe more grippy than perhaps the HTC One M8, we won't know until we get our hands on one.

Unlike the HTC One M8, however, is that removable back. That's more something from the playbook of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

A more premium-looking (if not feeling, we're not sure) back and a removable battery — what do you think?

Source: Evleaks

Update from Phil: Dan Bader may well be right here:


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LG G3 to have a metal finish back, removable battery


I like my M8...and just left a G2...but...fuck....lol... I'll still keep my speakers though... And Sense 6 :)
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HTC has a beautiful aluminum unibody construction. That makes having a removable battery very difficult. But you get a higher build quality. With the battery life people are getting with the M8, you don't need a removable battery. I have a Nexus 5 and I just use an portable charger the 5 or 6 times a year I need it.

Your comment is BS, How can you sit there and say that the M8 does not have higher build quality when everybody who owns one and including all the reviewers out there will tell you hands down it has the best build quality for any phone out there today???

What is high build quality? Tight seems? Heavy/solid chassis? Drop resistant? Aesthetic appeal? For the most it's the Aesthetic appeal which means nothing to a lot of people. Not to mention that an S4/S5 is more durable (withstand drops). The M8 is a product for iPhone defectors that think the Aesthetic appeal of a phone is the most important factor. I for one will take features (wireless charging, expandable storage, removable battery, etc) any day over something that gives up features for aesthetic appeal. The reality is that on Android there is something for everyone and that is great but those that think "build quality" in reference to an iPhone or M8 is an indication of actual quality of the components and durability of the phone well that is a joke. It's to please those with fashion needs and that is it.

Just curious, what makes you think that the S5 is more durable? In addition I find this comment, and comments like it, very curious. In the world outside of phones, cars, tv's, furniture, Aesthetics seem to be very important. People want the superior stitching on their leather seats. People want to buy a car that looks as beautiful as it can. And yet, in phone world such a think is spoken of derogatorily. HTC put together a unibody metal phone without compromising reception, and engineered the hell out of it to do it. All so that you could have a phone that is beautiful with minimal compromise. If you don't care about wireless charging why would you get something uglier? Would it be to prove you don't have "fashion needs"? Not only that but the inference that "fashion" is the only reason to buy an m8 is simply not true. Even if it were, in a world when phones are largely the same, having a major advantange in design is, well, a major advantage.

And by the way, aesthetics matter in this world. Every single thing that has every stood the test of time (except maybe the pyramids) has either been built as art, or simply protected because of its beauty.

The thing is on a car I don't give up features to have that premium stitching or picture quality/features on my TV to have an aesthetic TV. The fact is that the Aluminum case is the only thing the M8 has going for it when you compare to other high end recently released phones. I'm personally not willing to give up features just to have a phone that some people think looks better. It's been proven over and over the a plastic body simply withstands wear and tear better in addition to drop tests. I considered an M8 before it was released but once I saw the hideous bezels it was no longer an option. The S5 has a lot going for it feature wise but I really hate the physical home button (own an S4) and the bezels got larger so that also dropped off my want list. All indicators suggest the G3 will meet most of my needs and excited to see what is released.

Again, I'm not saying aesthetics is a bad thing. Only when you give up real world features for aesthetics do I think it's lame.

I'm just wanting to point out that aesthetics are a real world feature. And people do give up features on their cars for proper aesthetics, but that is a much more complicated argument. But when you say that the aluminum case is the only thing the m8 has going for it you're wrong on two levels. The first level is that it's simply untrue, Sense is better, by every ex design metric, it is better. It is more simple, more fluid, more internally consistent, and more intuitive, and easier to use. The speakers are simply better, by every objective metric. The screen is empirically better than the one on the g2, and arguably better than the one on the s5. Those are advantages that are not having to do with metal.

And the idea behind it is wrong as well. I'll use my example again. I have no desire to spend money on a wireless charger. I have charges coming out of mah butthole, and I'm happy to just plug my phone in. Why would I buy something that doesn't look as nice simply for the ability to spend money on it to have it sit on my desk on a stand when it's charging. That makes no sense.

Lastly, (and this is driving me crazy) every phone with on screen buttons has the exact same bezel under the screen. All of them, from the g2 to the nexus 5 to Sony's giant bezel monsters. They all have it. For some reason only htc gets slack for it because they had the audacity to attach a speaker under it. It makes no sense.

You need to take another look at a G2. The bottom bezel is about 2/3rds the size of the M8 and the side bezels are thinner. It has a 5.2 inch screen in a chassis that a LOT smaller then an M8. It maximizes the screen in the chassis unlike the M8. Speakers I couldn't care less about, it's a smartphone.. If I want high quality sound I'll use a headset or bluetooth speakers. Not saying I wouldn't want good speakers just not at the cost of a larger phone. To each his own... Wireless charging is nice and the future. The charging pods have gotten incredibly cheap. You make these BS claims but eventually HTC will add wireless charging and you have it and like it. You are simply just being defensive saying you wouldn't want it because you don't have it. Just like iphone users who say they don't want a bigger screen then guess what happens when a bigger screen iphone comes out?

I'd love to know what features are given up in a premium car with premium aesthetics...

Sense is bloated like TW. Maybe not as bad but it is. First thing I would do with an M8 is load up an aftermarket launcher.

The S5 screen was recently rated the best smartphone screen on any smartphone. Some prefer LCD some prefer SAMOLED. Sunlight has never been an issue on my S4 and I love the inky black blacks in addition to using active display technology which does nto work on LCDs. SAMOLED is the future if you like it or not... I'd dispute your claims about the M8 screen being any better to the naked eye then a G2. Arguably screen quality is a thing of past on all high end phones. If you think otherwise you are living in the past. Personally I think the screen to chassis ratio on the M8 is a joke something I would expect out of a 3 or 4 year old phone.

You clearly got the phone you want and believe it's the best phone there is. It's a nice phone but it gives up a lot for what some feel is premium aesthetics.

Bs? This thing you keep saying, I do not think it means what you think it means. Particularly when you make my very point in your first paragraph. But I'll get to that in a minute.

The bezel on the bottom of the G2, measured from bottom of the screen to the bottom of the phone, is almost exactly the same size as the bezel at the bottom of the m8 (9mm each.), the side bezels are nearly the same as well (I'm not measuring those, but I have both phones right here), and the top bezel on the g2 is larger than the bezel on the m8. Although with the top it's not really a fair comparison, since the g2 top bezel houses the earpiece and sensors. The g2 is wider, having a wider screen and similar side bezels, and shorter missing the speakers. So again, the statement that the g2 maximizes the screen in the chassis better than the m8 is demonstrably false.

Even if, however, I accepted the argument that the bezel at the bottom of the lg was 2/3rds the size of the m8 then you would be telling me that 3mm is the difference between good and terrible design in a phone with a substantial added feature (speakers). I'm calling bs on that.

You say that you would rather have a smaller more compact form factor (essentially aesthetics) over a feature you don't use (front facing speakers), which is a perfectly acceptable position. Except that you then go on to call me a hypicrite for preferring front facing speakers and a metal body (aesthetics) over a feature I won't use (wireless charging). I suspect that your irony machine is broken.

Of course, in saying all of this you've proved your own original statement false. You said that aesthetics are the only reason to purchase an m8 over any other phone, then admitted it has features other phones don't. It is simply that you don't care about them.

I said that the m8 screen was arguably better than the s5. The point is that it would be an empirical advantage for some and therefore something very real the m8 offers over other current phones. A point that you yourself make. I very much care what the screen on my 700 dollar phone looks like and believe I'm living in the present.. so I'm not sure what that means.

Amoled screens may or may not be the screens of the future, But I've been hearing that for a while now. Not to mention that it's the present and they still have some problems.

I've proven that the additional chassis on the m8 is taken up by the speakers. You may not care about them, a perfectly valid position. But so say that the screen to chassis ratio is a joke because it has the audacity to offer speakers is, well, hilarious.

The bezels on the G2 are clearly without any doubt smaller then the M8 all the way around. It's so clear that i can't understand how you can sit there are argue this. The bezels are about 2/3rds the size all the way around. I think for some strange reason you think the bezel is from the edge of the screen to the edge of the glass when its actually from the edge of the screen to the edge of the phone.Try measuring to where the M8 actually shows a picture not the where the glass starts. Sure if you want an extra half inch of phone for some speakers then great, the M8 is perfect for you but HTC still has a MUCH larger bezel on the side and top. Again, regardless of speakers on the M8 or not it simply does not maximize the screen in the chassis nearly as well as the G2.

Again, as I have stated... The great thing about Android is that there is something for everyone. If everyone liked the same thing there would only be 1 brand/model to buy. The HTC one appeals primarily to those that put aesthetics before other features... Enough said... Final post!

Dude, I measured them, with a ruler. So understand that's how I'm arguing it, with facts. that are demonstrable and repeatable. It's possible that the side bezel is 3mm on the m8 and 2mm on the g2, which would be 2/3rds I suppose. On both phonese the edge of the glass pretty much is the edge of the phone. At least on the side.

I think you lack a fundamental misunderstanding about the way discourse works. You have made, and continue to make, a truth statement- That you give up a lot of features for aesthetics on the m8. I have now argued successfully that
1. Aesthetics is, in fact, a feature. And like any other feature requires trade offs.
2. Very little is actually sacrificed for the look of the phone. Perhaps wireless charging
3. because aesthetics is a real feature the argument works both ways. You give up wireless charging for aesthetics, but also you give up aesthetics for wireless charging.
4. I could make the exact same argument about the g2 you make about the m8. Namely, that it sacrifices features (boomsound) for aesthetics (smaller more tightly packed form)
5. That the m8 offers features not found in the same combination on other phones ie want front facing speakers and an lcd panel? only one phone to choose, nothing to do with aesthetics. So therefore and again, it is not just for people who put looks first.
Therefore and because of the above. the m8 doesn't give up any more for its set of features than any other phone. All phones are trade offs and the m8 doesn't make any more than any other phone.

You have failed to offer a single shred of proof or even evidence for any of you assertions. Instead you have offered up silly verbal ejaculations such as "bs argument". I think you'll find this a poor way of reasoning.

I'll agree that the great thing about android is that there's lots of choice. But to say that "the htc is one appeals primarily to those that put aesthetics before other features" is not only demonstrably false but analytically devoid of meaning" The one caveat being the word primarily, which I suppose is enough of a hedge to keep you safe.

Well here are 4 features the M8 gives up vs. the S5 in addition to overall screen to phone ratio. So yes it does give up some features for aesthetics...

Wireless charging
Removable battery
Expandable storage
Water resistance

Update: Make that 5... Heart rate monitor. Clearly none of that matters to you because aesthetics is the most important "feature" to you.

BTW: The edge of glass does is the edge of the screen on the M8. Try measuring properly from the edge of the screen to edge of the device on all 4 sides for both devices.

1.wireless chargin we've been over
2.removeable batter may or may not be related to aesthetics but it's certainly not anything I care about. And since our control for this little experiment, the g2, doesn't have a removable battery either, I'm not sure what your point is..
3. it has removable storage up to 128 gb sdxc
4. youtube videos of the m8 actually show it to be quite water resistant, but again, our control for this experiment, the g2, also doesn't have it.
5. There are numerous heart rate monitors available on the play market. Literally every phone made today has a built in heart rate monitor.

More to the point if those are the things that matter to you in a phone then there is only one phone currently on the market in the us that will satisfy you and that decision has nothing to do with aesthetics. It's the s5 and here's what you'll be giving up for those features in that combination: The form factor of the g2, the aesthetics of the m8, the speakers of the m8, the superior interface of everything else beside the s5. And, and lcd screen, if that's your fancy.

So again, my point that you don't have to sacrifice any more for the m8's good looks than you do for any other phone is proven accurate.

You do realize the m8 has an sd card slot right ? And can sit in a sink of water for 35 min. It's 1 ips rating below the s5. You need to actually research some your claims your getting smoked in this discussion

For me it was DOA for all of the above reasons PLUS a mystifying lack of wireless charging. The DNA had it in 2012 so why can't HTC get it right this time around?

Me too buddy! I just couldn't get myself to let go of a removable battery with other devices. If this new G3 does in fact have it....I will let this company know how I appreciate it by giving them my hard earned money!

It was needed for screen componants. Its been said countless times and the bezel is smaller than the g2 measure with a ruler. The bar is mandatory due to the boom sound speakers which are awesome. You don't even recognize the bar after a few hours with the phone but you constantly enjoy the boom sound speakers

If the specs r true this may be my next phone if Samsung is going to release the S5 prime they better make some kind of announcemet.

LG has been releasing next-generation phones well in advance of competitors, so I'm thinking the Prime, if it exists, will be released in September at the earliest. LG seems to be able to put the hardware together in less time than Samsung or HTC. LG released their Snapdragon 800-powered LG G2 in September 2013. HTC and Samsung released their Snapdragon 800-powered phones in April 2014, 7 months later. The LG G3 should have the processor architecture that Samsung and HTC won't release until next year.

Actually the M8 and S5 have an 801 processor not the 800 that the G2 has. Also the G3 is rumored to have the same 801 processor, hopefully they can somehow get the 805 in there.

The S800 (8974AA) and S801 (8974AB & 8974AC) are one and the same. The main difference is how they were binned. The S801 also has an updated ISP, but that's a negligible change. The S801 chips are simply S800 chips with a higher clock speed. The difference between the two is like the difference between a Core i7 processor and another slightly faster Core i7 processor. Same chip, different speeds. Qualcomm made things confusing by retroactively renaming some of the S800s.

Can you shed some light on what exactly will be the difference between the S805 vs the S800/S801 ???

Your comment made me realize that the internets crave for things that we really have no clue what they mean! :)

In short without going into data comparisons (I know plently of people on these sites enjoy doing that to show off all their knowledge) 805 is definitely a step up in speed from the 800/801 but the biggest difference is that it was built with the intentions of running a 4k resolution screen which should work great for the QHD display, and dispel some concerns over the use of a 4k display. And as you would expect, the 805 is supposed to be a much more efficient processor as well.

Oh this just might be my new phone. I love my M7 and what HTC has done but the G3 is looking promising.

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I'm with you on that! I absolutely love my M7 but cant justify the M8 because of the lackluster camera (not like the M7 was great, but I did expect to move up). I can ride things out waiting on the G3....looking very likely that it might be what I burn my upgrade on.

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The M7 rocks... I was going to get another but tmobile quit selling them... Soooo I grabbed an M8... ONLY reason
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I have to say that I was a little late getting the lg g2 but man its such a great device. If these specs are true this phone is gonna be amazing and my next phone. The knock feature alone is dope. Which I am sure is gonna be on this device. I came from a galaxy s4 and the g2 imho blows it away. Can't wait!!!

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I beg to differ on that. My VZW LG G2 and daughter's Tmobile LG G2 are better than my oldest M7 on Tmobile. Specially on the battery, and man does that aluminium show some wear! Her damn volume buttons are all peeled off. Yes she has cases, but females with nails kill aluminium finishes.

Fair enough. The LG is a great device, and perhaps my comment was too definitive. I went from an m7 to a G2 and missed the htc immediately. The idea that the G2 is better than the m8 is preposterous to me. But to each their own, I suppose.

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Ok.. if you say so. besides the metal build & Boom sounds, nothing is better on the M7. Camera, battery, screen, chip set & in my opinion the UIs are just as good, despite all the hate the UI get on the G2 I dont see G2 owner complaining.

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I have both also. The screen, speakers, and ui are better on the m7. In everyday use it's just as fast. That pretty much just leaves the camera, and it's not as much of a runaway as you'd think.

And no, you wouldn't Complain unless you'd spent time with both.

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Clever, did you think of that all by yourself? Or did you have help? Be truthful, there's no need for shame.

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I honestly think Samsung will be hurt worse by this. It's built to compete directly with the features of Samsung. HTC builds a very specific phone and I don't see their users being as tempted (yes, they will for sure be tempted!) by this as SG5 users. It seems like LG has designed its UI to compete directly with Touchwiz as well.

The market companies are looking to gain isn't overtaking small players - it's taking bites out of the industry monsters!

HTC has found its niche in premium design and (albeit average) innovative camera hardware and software - LG makes a dang good phone and I bet they're looking to take their bite out of Samsung's market share by offering Samsung users all the same features and feel with a phone that feels more premium, and if history repeats itself, it's going to be offered at a stupid amazing price.

Does anyone know if the G3 will have a SD card slot? Either way this phone could put a hurting on Samsung. I have never owned an LG smart phone but this could be the first.

Oh!! Android SILVER!!!!!

SO they will change the name of Nexus to Silver, Lg always make the Nexus phones.. LG 3 looks silvery...hmmm

Indeed. With that "rumoured" screen spec it'll be interesting to see what the battery life is like.

Via a cool AC App on a great Nexus 4

Hmm, metal finish... My Galaxy S3 could have been considered to have a metal finish I suppose. I wonder if this really is metal or if the paint is just made to look like brushed metal?

I don't think it will be metal but maybe the same backing as the G flex with the self healing properties.

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The new G3 is the only phone that could pry my dead cold hands off my G2, haha! Nothing pleases me more than for LG to rise above all competition (especially Sadsung) and instill more buyers remorse for the S5 & M8 fan boys! I bought the G2 based on it's overall goodness, when logically comparing both hardware and software to the competition, not fanboy blindness. I hope this is the phone to bring LG it's rightful place as the leader in the smartphone world, so rock on LG and bring on the G3!

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The LG flagships are typically released 4-6 months AFTER the competition. The internals are going to be a generation ahead naturally. That's to be expected and shouldn't be considered a knock on their competition that came out 6 months earlier. LG's software is not nearly as polished as Sense is and the build quality isn't as good as HTC's. And I own an LG phone...lol

Don't say "fanboy" when referring to the top phones... It makes you look stupid. I've owned them all, and the best one is whichever you or I are currently rocking. Period. (best for you or i)

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i feel like i'm the only one who hates removable batteries and metal backs. i was really interested in this phone but guess i'll wait to see what the moto x+1 has to offer.

I'm no fan of removable batteries or SD cards. It's taking a step a back and not forward. Also it better have a plastic back or I'm not buying. I need my qi charging.

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You want to put a Dent in the sales of the S5 & (upcoming) S5 Prime?
Take A Page Out Of OPPO's Book.. and don't just be satisfied with a Removable Battery and the edition of the SD Card Slot (both wonderful things but..) GIVE THE G3 FAST CHARGING.. like the OPPO Find 7 / 7A's
Could you maybe consider that being redundant? possibly.. but I think it would be icing on the cake.. With the New Flagship Standard for Screen Res now @ 1440P.. It's hard to imagine the G3 still having the same battery life as the Lower Res 1080P G2.. But like OPPO, your buyer's can have that fantastic 4.5 amp Supercharger and recharge the G3 from 0 - 75% in 30 Goddammn minutes or only 1 hour to go from 0 to fully charged.. That's Incredible.. and it's going to get OPPO a lot of sales on that advertising strength alone... You Need To Follow Suit on that one.. It should not be that hard to implement, and it's not a gimmick.. It's going to sell OPPO a lot of phones.. it could do the same for you as well. and it would combat all the negative comments Reviewers and Nay Sayers will undoubtedly have in these forums about how 1440P Screens are just going to suck the life out of batteries.. But if you can Recharge that 1440P Screen at a little over 1% EVERY 30 SECONDS like the OPPO Find Series does you negate all of that.
Do It.
I'll tell you this.. That Charging Feature alone has me ready to drop $600 on the OPPO Find 7 when it arrives with it's spectacular 1440P 2K Screen.. I'd rather give the money to you LG.

I'm against the Fast charging feature to be honest. Reason why is because its just gonna hurt the phone more. Quick charging is bad imo... And it doesn't make sense to have a fast charging feature for a phone with removable battery, since you can just get a spare one like anker/ZL batteries and swap it for like 5 secs and and have another fresh 100% battery.

"Gonna ( You Mean Going..) to hurt the phone???
"Quick Charging is bad"............ WHY???
"It doesn't make sense to have fast charging with a removable battery"... Did I not PREFACE that in my comment?
It may be bad for YOU... YOU may not mind ripping off the cover and swapping batteries.. But a some people may not want to pull their case off.. then cover off.. then pull a battery and snap it all back together again when they can get a 1.2% replenishment of charge on their phone every *30 Seconds*... It's only a matter of time before aftermarket accessories will have the correct usb cables and 4.5 amp chargers.. so you can have one at work.. one for the car.. along with your original one at home.... *** 1.2% REPLENISHMENT EVERY 30 SECONDS***
Do You Have ANY IDEA How That Revolutionizes The Industry?????????

People have been WHINNING about "better battery life" for a while now...
And here comes a smart company like OPPO and GIVES YOU INCREDIBLE REPLENISHMENT TIMES to go with the new Flagship Standard in Screen - Res and you want to find some reason to hate it..

This world is packed with strange people.

Dude.. then don't purchase the product..
It's Your Loss.... you just keep swapping those $20.00 replacement batteries and waiting 3 HOURS for them to fully charge..

Calm down..
First, I didn't say oppo was bad,
2nd, I'm against "quick charging" BUT NOT OPPO
3rd Im not hating oppo, because I was actullay hoping to get an invite.

I actually considering buying oppo because its cheap and I like the design and the customization.. just to let you know.

I just said I'm against quick charging since I keep swapping batteries.. I never had the chance to use my oem charger because I have 1 spare battery and the charger that comes with it.. And also, I don't have to wait since my batteries are always ready and 100% all the time. I'm using one then charging the other one, so by the time I used up all the juice of my battery in my phone, my other one is ready.

That's why I said "in my opinion" (imo). I don't speak for anybody.. its just my personal preference...

So sorry if I offended you, but never meant to.

First of all..
Don't tell me to calm down.. you are the one that had to comment on my statement.. you could have skipped it.
What are you on? Where did I accuse you of "Hating OPPO" ????????
I accused you of ( and ask you to ) explain why fast charging is bad ? What? do you think it's going to fry the battery? Overheat the phone?? Do you really think if that were the case they would go to the trouble of implementing it when it already has a removable battery?.. It's a Genius Move.
Absolutely NOTHING you have commented has made ANY sense..
Re-Read My Comment since it fascinated you so much..
Then Re-Read it again.
Your NOT in my world.. You have NO say over how I spend MY money.. I simply expressed my hopes for LG to also implement Fast Charging.. It's the PERFECT companion to the new Flagship Standard 1440P Resolution Screens that the latest & greatest Flagship phones are going to have.. Obviously, LG is not stupid, and realized that with the heavier power consumption the new 1440P screens are going to bring.. it's best to let the user at least have the option now to swap batteries.. But OPPO took it a step further.. and not only has a removable 3000 mAH battery.. but also for those that don't want to remove Case & Cover to swap batteries, they've gotten really sharp and provided 1.2% per 30 second rapid charging.. Truly The Best Of BOTH Worlds..
LG needs to take a page out of that book.

A 1440p screen is pointless if your gonna have to be swapping out batteries. The 1080p on my M8 is just fine for this year until these companies can put some super batteries in these phone's. I get on average 7-8 hours screen time on my M8 with pretty heavy use, by far the best internal battery I've used. Lasts me well over a day if I don't plug it in. I'm always looking for that next great phone no matter the brand. Had a LG Optimus Pro a A while back. Great screen and phone but sloppy OS. The M8 has done a great job software wise to utilize the battery wisely. Excited to see what the G3 brings being I almost bought a G2. But a 1440p screen without a super battery is pointless.
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True but don't you think it would get a little old or tedious switching out batteries daily, if that's the case.

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I have OG pro and within 10 secs of swapping ( removing/putting battery) I have a FRESH 100% battery

From 5% to 100% battery in 10 secs is a good deal to me...

You still have to Waste Time and Energy (3 Hrs worth) to charge the dead battery... It does not charge itself..:-)
That's why I'm personally leaning towards the OPPO Find 7.. even though I have an LG G-Pad 8.3 because of the Fast Charging Attributes.. * 1.2% of charge every 30 Seconds!* it's 75% charged from 0% in 30 MINTUES... That's PERFECT Technology for the new Screen Standard of 1440P... Swapping batteries was fine for the old 1080P standard.. But Accelerated Charging is what needed for the New-Gen 1440P displays we are about to see.. and the OPPO brings that in Spades!...
Oh.. If your out somewhere and just cannot get to a charger to top up the OPPO Find 7 you also have the option to remove the battery and swap out in the Find 7 as well... "The Best Of Both Worlds" :-)

By the time my battery is spent, my other battery is 100% charged. No time wasting on my end.

But, I do agree that fast charging will be convenient but not a major selling point to me. I am much more interested in qi charging. Not having to screw with wires and just picking up my phone when I need to use it is much more valuable to me.

I agree the battery is pretty amazing on the m8 about 7 to 8 hours of screen time

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The only thing keeping me wondering if I'm going to get the G Pro 2 or the G3 was the removable battery...G3 it is!
(I'm one of those strange users who opt to increase the thickness of their phone with higher-capacity-monster-batteries!)

If there's no SD slot that's fine but give me 64gb internal then. Or include the SD slot and give me 32 gb internal. With that and the removable battery I'm in for one in January when I dump sprint and go to AT&T.

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There is no need for removable battery on the m8 I get almost 8 hours of screen time more than I got with my note 3

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I agree same here. The M8 battery has been a beast for me. Easy 7-8 screen time with power using. Don't get me wrong I always welcome new devices lol. Excited to see what the G3 brings. There's always a better phone around the corner.

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I think it has a lot to do with Sense 6 and it's minimalist feel and optimization.

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It's still nice to have that as optional. Heavy use shortens battery life fast. Not everyone is willing to break the phone apart and deal with installation neither every phone is easy to work on. Some would just sell the phone. Why not to buy a new battery for 20$ when it's time and install it without the headache instead.

VZW Moto X

All I need to hear is micro sd compatibility and I'm putting my m8 purchase on complete hold.

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Metal? That's the same plastic back as my Galaxy S3. Having a removable back I'm betting they added the sd slot also.

Could care less if it has a removable battery, also hope the back is more like the back on the Flex then metal.

will wait till sep to see what note4 brings. unless this has stylus i may be tempted...

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

Maybe I will just skip the S5 this weekend and go for this blue ribbon baby...

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Daaaam I just bought a g2 couple of days ago, oh well i'll use it for a few months until the g3 price drop I'll pick one up then

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I'll give you $250.00 for that old G2 of yours right now if it's Black so you can put a little with that $250.00 and get the G3.. I can meet you with the cash in about an hour and a half.
Do We Have A Deal?

I am not particular about what the back is made of, but a removable battery is definitely a plus in my book.

I don't want a removable back I want a great battery not to have to carry 2 I also want the rear buttons back they are so comfortable after you get used to them

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The G2 was one of the phones that always grabbed my attention every time I'd go to a store and check it devices. Only thing that disappointed me was the non removable battery and no sd card slot. If this G3 has both these things (and 32gb int. ram!).....this will be the phone that pries me away from Samsungs grip! If not, then the Note 4 (or prime) will be waiting for me.