LG G3 Cat 6

To further reinforce the fact that South Korean users get all the latest gadgets, LG has announced a faster variant of the G3, one which features the Snapdragon 805 SoC, in its home market. The device will be available for sale in the country starting July 25.

Samsung has similarly launched a faster version of the Galaxy S5, dubbed the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, in South Korea last month. To be fair, the South Korean market is one of the few where users can take full advantage of the Qualcomm Gobi 9×35 LTE-A Category 6 modem, which enables download speeds of 225 Mbps.

In addition to a faster LTE modem, the Snapdragon 805 boasts a higher-clocked 2.7 GHz quad-core CPU and an Adreno 420 GPU. Otherwise, the specs on the G3 Cat 6 model are the same as those on the standard version, which include 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory, Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, A-GPS/Glonass and USB 2.0 connectivity along with a 3000 mAh battery.

As for wider availability, it is possible that this device, like the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, is exclusive to the South Korean market. We'll let you know if we hear otherwise.

Update: We've heard back from LG, and can confirm that the LG G3 Cat 6 variant is exclusive to South Korea.

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LG G3 with Category 6 LTE and Snapdragon 805 announced in South Korea (update)


In before people complain about the G3 being outdated already.

By the way, I'm loving my G3.

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Loving mine as well. And yeah, I'm waiting to see all the posts about people who say they got robbed with the Snapdragon 801, and how LG has done us wrong LOL.

I don't think I got robbed. What I do think is the UHD screen for the rest of us got robbed as the 805 would easily had handle the large consumption and stutters much better. I live this phone but at time it feels like the processor struggles to keep up with the display

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Okay cool! Thanks for the reassurance. It would drive me crazy if it came to the states just after ours got released lol.

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It very well may be released "worldwide" as the Nexus 6 in a few months. That said the rumor mill also has lots of chatter about it have a 64bit chip which means no Qualcomm (I'm not betting on that though).

Question for those in South Korea, just how wide spread is your super high speed network? Can you get 225 Mbps in the majority of well populated areas or just the big cities and rich suburbs?

Yea while I was in St, they had Internet everywhere. There was no 3G, LTE was the only thing xD. Now I'm in Germany witch is completely opposite

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Well, 225 Mbps is the "theoretical values".. which you will most likely NOT get anywhere close to it.

Sometimes I get a little jealous or envious of the cool tech the folks are able to enjoy. Then I remember that they have probably the most bat shit crazy dictator running the country just to their north and suddenly I am content with my lack of super cool gadgets and mega high speed networks.

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Even though the said its exclusive to Korea, I can't help but feel it will get released in USA in coming months.

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LG is going to further stomp Samsung in their home country by 3 to 1.

Well done, LG. And keep your well deserved bonuses.

If only a North America/Europe/Asia version of this phone were released. Would love this with the Snapdragon 805/Adreno 420. Why can't we have nice things??? Guess I'll wait for the Note 4 then.

It's not like the G3 isn't nice.

We've been spoiled by the blistering speed of mobile technology.

The biggest question for me is how much better will battery life be pushing that 2k display.

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Here's the thing: I'm in Canada and the LG G3 is scheduled to be released August 1st here. Meanwhile back in South Korea the 2nd generation of the G3 is being released. Much like the updated Samsung Galaxy S5 with LTE-A with updated specs 3 months after the original release in South Korea. Sure this is Samsung's and LG's home country but other than radio frequencies how hard is it to reissue the revised S5/G3 in North America/Europe/Asia? With the Note 4 in particular I'm pretty sure there won't be a revised "Prime" version coming out because Samsung uses the S5 release as a test-bed platform anyways. I do take your point about being spoiled by "the blistering speed of mobile technology" though.

GPe/Nexus or OnePlus One sales model. I don't give a damn about carriers or their branding/bloatware. Just sell the International unlocked version of the phone.

I hear you. As a fan of mobile technology it's frustrating when a new phone comes out days or minutes after new flagship is released. In your case the G3 is about a week away.

This version is the G3 I think we all wanted to see but we got one on par with the S5 and M8 (spec wise). From all accounts it seems to be a stellar device.

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Does this perhaps explain the existence of the 3 GB variant that LG has always claimed shouldn't perform any better than the 2 GB? It was just getting ready for the faster processor?

At least most of you can BUY the G3 right now... AND get it in different colours.... I am sitting here waiting for the Carriers to officially announce it! and WE WILL PROBABLY only get the Black one stated by LG Canada already!

sigh... i guess Marketshare in Canada is CRAP... worse then India who already have the G3 as well.. i thought the G2 did pretty well here and would have thought the carriers would push more for the G3... but guess not!

will have to wait to see the official word on colours from the carriers...

This article just makes me more upset .. ; <

Indian carriers don't put crap in the phones, not to mention that there is a huge market there. Those two factors are huge in companies deciding to release phones with India as one of the earliest markets.

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The only version available officially here in the UK is the 16GB/2GB RAM model, we can't even get the 32GB one without a dodgy import

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If and when a US carrier upgrades it's equipment to latest LTE-A ability then these phones will be made available.
The South Korean government has been actively envoled for the last 20 years to help see that the country produces the equipment and technology to be on the leading edge and that the sevice is offered at a reasonable price to consumers
The LTE-A from SK Telecom.LG Telecom and KT Telecom is cheaper than the plain vanilla LTE offered by US carriers.
I worked there for many years and recently returned stateside.

LTE bands are different in Korea so this phone probably will be limited to 3G if used on a US carrier

Update: We've heard back from LG, and can confirm that the LG G3 Cat 6 variant is exclusive to South Korea.

Oh well. I wanted a G3 with an 805, doesn't look like it will happen. I will just stick with my Note 3 until I see what the Note 4 is like.

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