LG G Pro 2 QuickWindow case

Standard LG cases kick off the accessory market for these new phones

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We've seen the recently announced LG G Pro 2, as well as the G2 MIni, here at Barcelona, but we haven't yet seen the range of accessories LG has on tap for its latest devices. A big feature since the launch of the original G2 is the so-called "QuickWindow" case that gives your device full protection — including the screen — while also giving you glanceable information through a cutout window on the front.

The cases come in a wide variety of colors — we have a salmon-like one on the G Pro 2 and silver on the G2 Mini — and are a nice woven cloth-like material all around for extra grip. The functionality seems to be the same as we've experienced on the G2 and G Flex as well. While cases that cover the entire front of the phone aren't always well-liked by the majority of people, the folks who want (or need) the extra protection will have this now-standard LG accessory for these new devices.

Be sure to hit the break for a closer look at the QuickWIndow cases for both the LG G Pro 2 and LG G2 Mini.

LG G Pro 2 QuickWindow case

LG G2 Mini QuickWindow case


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Reader comments

LG G2 Mini and G Pro 2 QuickWindow cases hands-on


Aren't these LG phones LCDs not Amoled screens ... therefore, how smart are these windows? ... won't the whole screen be lit up?

Nope, my wife has a LG G2 and she has one of these cases and only the little box is lit up when you first open the case (LLLLAAGGGG).

Yes, but that means it is just using LCD crystals to block light flow elsewhere ... whole screen still backlit with LCD

I can't remember which phone it started with, but I believe LG produced these type of cases first. Samsung made it better though.

Nope s4 was first.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

LG Quick Window has more functionality than Samsung S Cover (and if they add an API for it, like they recently did for QSlide, it has the potential for even more).