Rogers, Bell, TELUS, and others will be getting it, but we still don't know about pricing. 

We've seen plenty of the Verizon and AT&T versions of the LG G2, but what about us poor bastards in the frozen north? Don't worry Canadians, LG has confirmed that it's coming up here soon - September 27, to be exact. 

As we've mentioned before, just about everyone's getting it, including Rogers, Bell, TELUS, and littler guys like Videotron, SaskTel, WIND, and most of the major retail outlets. We're still not sure about pricing on any of 'em, but AT&T's charging $199 on contract, which should give us a good ballpark for Canadians. At least TELUS has a landing page set up.

Based on Phil's fondling of the G2, are any of you guys sold on picking up one of these? Canadians, which carrier are you going to roll with? 

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LG G2 coming to Canada on September 27


I think I'm going to go Note 3 on Bell, I like my gnex but my gf has the note 2 and I hate using my phone after having all that screen real estate on hers, bigger is better

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For me replacing my note 2 with the Note 3. Like rooting and flashing roms and there is a lot Dev support for Samsung phones.

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Having the lg g2 rooted already ain't a bad sign. Think all the Dev support will be there for the G2, being such a nerds paradise of a phone...

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I'm still waiting to hear from Rogers when they will release this beast I can't wait.

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